CA Cop Died at Hands of Illegal Immigrant — Now, His Sheriff Has a Strong Rebuke of State’s ‘Sanctuary’ Policies

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Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson is taking a strong stance against sanctuary policies after an illegal immigrant allegedly killed one of his officers during a traffic stop last month.

As IJR Red previously noted, 33-year-old Ronil Singh’s death and his suspected murderer’s arrest caught national attention and brought tears to his brother’s eyes during a news conference.

Watch the emotional moment below:

President Donald Trump harped on Singh’s death as yet another reason why Congress should approve funding for a southern border wall, and his former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director placed the blame squarely at the feet of California’s sanctuary practices.

In a New Year’s Day op-ed in The Hill, Singh’s sheriff added to the criticism and called for Congressional action.

While he called for a legal pathway to citizenship, he also lamented “dangerous and irresponsible” policies that hindered communication between law enforcement:

Unfortunately, political interference from those elected to represent the people has created unnecessary prohibitions and restrictions on the sharing of information — and that is dangerous and irresponsible. In an effort to ‘protect’ undocumented immigrants from law enforcement over some ill-conceived perception that we ‘target’ this undocumented population, they’ve also created ‘sanctuary‘ for criminals. They’re protecting, from accountability and consequence, these predators who victimize and exploit others, all while silencing crime victims.”

Christianson also took a shot at his state’s government, which passed sanctuary policies that prompted a lawsuit from Trump’s Department of Justice:

Local law enforcement does not enforce federal immigration laws. We have a strong relationship with the immigrant community, and we do not need the state’s legislature or anyone else helping us ‘build trust’ by legislating, mandating and regulating. The TRUST Act, the TRUTH Act and now SB54 don’t promote trust; they erode the faith and confidence the community has placed in us.

We would be a much safer community and nation if Congress would address the issue of immigration by depolarizing itself and establishing a legal path to citizenship — one that must include the elimination of political barriers that prohibit law enforcement from communicating, collaborating and cooperating with our federal partners.”

After praising Cpl. Singh, Christianson admonished people from attacking law enforcement, saying, “It’s time to stop demonizing and villainizing the men and women who serve and protect our nation, our borders and our communities.”

His comments came as the administration blamed a failed immigration system and Congressional inaction for incentivizing immigrants like Singh’s alleged killer to come to the United States. Trump has been adamant about obtaining funding for a border wall and vowed not to open the government until Democrats approved the $5 billion he requested:

While it’s unclear how long the shutdown will last, Democrats reportedly planned to pass a new funding bill that would exclude wall funding and therefore likely fail in the Senate.

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Laurie Lynch

I am sooo sorry for the great loss and I have to say that this man was doing what he did for the people he loved!?

Steve Zinck

Blood on their hands!

Mary Ridosh-Spalding

I have to wonder just how those elected in CA, ALL of them, sleep at night knowing it is because of THEM that innocent people in their state, and EVERY state that boast a sanctuary cities, are being murdered, families being torn apart, “separated” FOREVER!!! Sorry to say but the people of this country that continue to vote for these ignorant, degenerate sub humans, YOU, TOO, have blood on your hands!! YOU agreed with your Representative, YOU are in that same ‘swamp” with them!!


A real shame it took the death of a cop for any of these LibTurds to recognise the IDIOCY of Sanctuary City Laws!!! Tell it to Katie’s Family!! All of the others who have lost family members to Illegal Alien DUI’s, etc!! You’ll probably NEVER change the minds of the average CA Liberal……..UNTIL THEY lose a family member or friend to crime or murder!!


Why do the politicians in California hate their legal citizens?





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