CA Might Ban Another Common Item With New Law — The Bill’s Introduction Was as Goofy as the Ban Itself


The state of California has already banned plastic bags and straws. Now, its legislature is considering a bill that would ban paper receipts, too.

California became the first state in 2016 to conduct a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. In July 2018, the city of Santa Barbra cracked down as it voted to ban any sort of plastic straws from businesses, charging any violators up to a $1,000 fine or jail time. The state has since passed a bill banning full-service restaurants from distributing the straws unless a customer asks for one.

The state of California could become the first state to curb receipt waste, pushing for businesses to offer customers an electronic version instead.

San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting introduced the legislation, Assembly Bill 161, which would require businesses to provide electronic receipts unless the customer asks for a printed version.

“There’s a negative impact on the environment with these receipts and the inability to recycle them,” Ting said as he delivered the proposal on Tuesday, CNBC reported. He added that there is a “harmful” chemical, known as Bisphenol A (BPA), in paper receipts that could cause health issues.

The way the Democratic assemblyman proposed the paper receipt ban was humorous in its own way.

Watch the video below:

The “Skip the Slip” legislation is being pushed by the nonprofit Green America, which claims: “In the U.S., 10 million trees and 21 billion gallons of water are consumed each year in the creation of paper receipts, generating 686 million pounds of waste and 12 billion pounds of CO2.”

The idea of electronic receipts raises “huge privacy concerns,” San Diego State University’s chair of the marketing department Heather Honea told CNBC. “Privacy legislation in this country, and even in California, is pretty minimal relative to the amount of data that is consistently collected on consumers.”

According to Honea, as soon as a transaction is made, businesses can “identify who you are and they are sending information.”

“Certainly, this is just one more opportunity for more of that information,” she added.

The legislation was only recently introduced this week. However, if passed, it would fine businesses up to $300 per year for not providing electronic receipts.

If passed, the requirement for electronic receipts would begin January 1, 2022.

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Ron Schutte

‘Ting’ = ‘Ding a Ling’ !!!

Kris Miller

Might as well ban toilet paper since we can use are hands to wipe off the poo.

Jeff Mitchell

when will a earthquake send that place into the ocean ? PLEASE

James Riggs

So, you go through the line to the cashier, you pay for your stuff, and exit without a receipt. As you are exiting, one of those alarms goes off, they come over to check your stuff to make sure you’re not trying to steal something. The employee says lets match your stuff in the buggy to the receipt so we know you aren’t try to steal an item. You stare at them blankly because you don’t a receipt. I see a problem headed their way. ???


While NOT having receipts is certainly a greener option, why is the government now depriving consumers of this option? It should be up to the individual. More treating adults as children by overreaching government.

full disclosure: I find numerous errors and mischarges when checking my receipts.


Receipts have gotten ridiculous in some places. This isn’t a bad idea. Simply create a new email address for receipts only. It would provide you with an east to search database, plus help you know who is sharing the info when non-receipt email comes in. Half of the garbage beneath my car seats and in my wallet are receipts, and I hate when one forgotten in my pockets gets washed. I would welcome this in my area.


The paper receipt Subway (as in the Jared Fogle Subway, not the MTA’s NY boroughs subway) provides is 15 inches in length and on it are directions to an electronic survey, a DIY e-theft blog, some mega-millions #’s, and an electronic coupon. The deal for the day is the Bisphenol is free. The CA nanny’s do require that you – if you’re a Californian, or if you’re a Nevadan for that matter – contribute what change it takes to round up to the nearest dollar to the Green Party of California, the GPCA


You know when you look at a picture and can almost hear the circus music playing in the background?

It would probably be a big improvement just to have paper receipts only on request (rather than printing automatically and just going in the trash), however it would also be nice that was changed without government requiring it.

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