California, NY Poised to Lose House Seats as Residents Flock to Southern States

For the first time since it became a state, California could lose a seat in the House of Representatives, according to a new 2019 population estimate released by the Census Bureau.

On Monday, the Census Bureau population estimates found that the national population growth slowed in 2019. It also found that California, New York, and some 25 other states lost residents through domestic migration in 2019.

As a result, California is poised to lose a House seat for the first time since it became a state in 1850. The population data also found that California experienced its slowest population growth since 1900.

The Census Bureau data estimates changes to states’ populations for the year that ended July 1. The agency reports that Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey were among the states that experienced population decreases in 2019.

The Census Bureau estimates that 200,000 people left California and 180,000 left New York in 2019. That migration means that New York would lose another House seat after losing two seats in 2010.

The Los Angeles Times reports that California’s population decrease is “a result of the state’s shifting migration patterns and economic strains that are making it harder to afford living here.”

Meanwhile, Texas is expected to add two House seats while Florida, Arizona, and four other states are expected to add one seat.

The re-apportionment process is expected to take place in December 2020, and will likely lead to a drawn-out redistricting process in several states.


  1. Ron, RELAX! We are friends with 6 couples that purchased homes in Florida within the last 10 years. In order to avoid the higher insurance rates for out-of-staters, they now declare FL as their primary residence and vote in FL elections. All but one couple were registered as Republicans in Pennsylvania. SW PA is losing R voters to FL. NY and California have Republicans!! Think Duncan Hunter, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Cook, 7 of the 52 Congressmen from CA are Republicans. In the NY delegation, 5 of the 27 members are R’s–Think Lee Zeldin, Peter King or Elise Stefanik. LOL…DJ Trump changed his primary residence from NY to FL—I don’t think Trump would consider himself a liberal.

  2. care full to the states that these people are moving to. they infected their state and now they will try to infect yours. what they don’t want to understand is that the reason that they are leaving their old state is their liberal beliefs are destroying their state.

  3. As a life long citizen of Florida I have observed that the refugees from NY tend to bring the liberal progressive politics, that screwed up the states they left, with them.

  4. Now let’s tell California and New York to keep pandering to those several million illegals while tax paying citizens leave in mass exodus. Then we need to tell those two hippie dippie ass States they have to keep all their illegals there when public programs start being financially unfeasible.

  5. CA, NY, and the other sanctuary states need to get those illegals voting and taking the census as soon as possible!

    At this rate they’re going to lose power for the Dims. (unfortunately not enough)

  6. Fortunately, migrants into Texas are helping to turn that very red state into just a red state. Getting rid of Henry Cuellar will help make it even bluer (he is an AFP member running as a Democrat).

    The state also didn’t expand Medicaid and even American Fascists get sick, so with the amount of poor and disadvantaged people in Texas, expect a lot more of to vote for M4A, this time. People are less stupid when it comes to THEIR OWN health.

    1. There is no changing Texas from a deep red state.

  7. Then they move to these states and vote the same way they voted in the states they destroyed

  8. That wall being built, should also be built to keep out Californians! They are spreading like cancer, and infecting other parts of the country with their socialism sickness!.

    1. Join the discussion…Add Washington and Oregon to that list. Remove them from the union and put in the wall and checkpoints where they must have a passport to get into America.

  9. For one thing, the cost of living is high in California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. In addition, these states are among the most liberal in the nation. Hopefully, the Republicans can take control of those states and turn things around.

    1. No, let’s hope it’s Republicans moving out of Democrat states, thus increasing the number of seats in already Republican states.

  10. Posting some emoji’s to cut down on my time ???????????????

  11. Too bad some confused, resentful idiot hid Phyllis’ cogent reply to The Real Bob.

  12. The middle class, which is getting back on its feet, is expected to pay for the liberal destruction of their states. There is a limit to these policies and one is bail and the other is not allowing people to defecate on sidewalks.
    Unfortunately these same people think these policies are still a great idea even though they have seen the effects, so the new states should prepare themselves. It could be that they never heard the quote ” the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and then there is the other one which says “this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper”.

  13. Fantastic!

    I hope it was only Republicans leaving those two sh*tholes.

  14. Phil,

    So…the economies of CA, NY, NJ, IL (also CT) are sooo wonderful that the people are fleeing. This makes PERFECT sense. Just like you.

    There’s this thing called reality. Some people (not TDS afflicted) get it.

    Maybe because the living conditions and politics are abhorrent to the middle-class and the regs/taxes killing small businesses. It’s unfortunate that like other refugees they carry the same political infection that made their homes into shitholes.

  15. “Pray they don’t take their lunatic ways and voting habits with them and ruin more states.” Sherri

    Too late. Red states, such as Texas” are becoming bluer all the time.

  16. Pray they don’t take their lunatic ways and voting habits with them and ruin more states.

  17. I believe that we should remove the whole of the 3 states, that border the Pacific Ocean, and let them become the communist states they want to be. We can build a wall around them and require a passport to visit America. We could also do that with New York and several other states.

    1. What a patriot you must be, Bob. I bet you were a Bengals fan 4 years ago.

      Build a wall and say hoodbye.

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