California Police Sergeant Killed in ‘Calculated Execution.’ The New Details Are Difficult to Hear.

A California officer was gunned down in a “calculated execution” as he responded to a report of a burglary in progress on Sunday, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell. The officer’s death was announced on Wednesday, but police released new details on the tragic incident on Thursday.

Upon arriving at an apartment complex in Lancaster, California, to investigate the burglary call, Sgt. Steven Owen was checking the rear of the building when he was reportedly shot by a suspect with a stolen firearm.

The gunman then stood over the wounded officer and pumped four more rounds into his body, McDonnell said.

“This was a calculated execution,” the sheriff added.

McDonnell said the gunman searched Owen’s body for another gun so he could also “murder the first responding deputy,” but was unsuccessful. He was shot in the shoulder when he pointed his gun at a responding deputy. The gunman then allegedly stole Owens’ police vehicle and rammed another patrol car before he fled on foot and was finally apprehended.

Police identified the suspect in the shocking murder as 27-year-old Trenton Trevon Lovell. He is currently being held in jail without bail.

Lovell has an extensive wrap sheet that includes 12 arrest and two state prison sentences, according to police.

McDonnell said there is no possibility that Lovell, a black man, fired at the officer in “self-defense.” He called the suspect “someone who is truly a predator, and not somebody who is defending himself in any manner.”

Owen was a well-liked and decorated officer who was awarded medals for meritorious conduct for his role in ending a dangerous hostage situation, ABC News reported.

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