Trump Admin Told States Not to Offer Unemployment Benefits for Federal Workers — CA Is Doing It Anyway

Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom is promising his furloughed constituents that they’ll get federal assistance despite what President Donald Trump’s administration says.

According to NPR, Newsom visited TSA workers at the Sacramento International Airport on Thursday and told them they can apply for unemployment benefits, even though the administration told states that it wasn’t possible.

“We’re going to do it, and shame on them,” he told the agents.

Funds for furloughed workers and federal employees who are working without pay will be provided through the California Employment Development Department. According to the California EDD, there are almost a quarter million federal employees in the state.

The announcement comes after federal employees missed their first paycheck last Friday and will miss their next one if the negotiations between Trump, Republicans and Democrats remain as stagnant as they have been.

“Hundreds of thousands of fed employees will miss a paycheck today,” Newsom tweeted on January 11. “The lives of millions of families are being needlessly interrupted. No matter how much longer this shutdown continues for, I have a message for CA’s furloughed workers: we’ve got your back.”

The shutdown has exceeded the previous record and is now the longest government shutdown in American history, now in its 28th day.

Newsom’s direct criticism of the Trump administration comes as no surprise, as the new governor has frequently criticized the president and his policies:

Newsom recently butted heads with the president after Trump considered deferring money used for national emergencies, such as the deadly wildfires in California last year, for the southern border wall. Newsom called the move “unconscionable”.

As the governor of a border state, Newsom does not support the president’s proposed wall.

“Pres. Trump’s go-to is governing by fear and division,” Newsom tweeted January 8. “We can secure our border AND achieve comprehensive immigration reform–without wasting tax payer $ to build a pointless wall. Hundreds of thousands of fed workers are waiting on a paycheck. End the games. Open our government.”


  1. I have to ask this: if “furloughed” workers will eventually be paid their back wages AND can still apply for unemployment are they double-dipping off taxpayer dollars?

    Consider a private-sector worker who’s laid off . They get NO back wages, just unemployment, AND they are not guaranteed to return to their jobs.

    1. That’s an interesting question. I am sure there are rules, but I’ve never had to collect unemployment insurance or whatever it’s called. Let us know what you find out about it.

  2. “the administration told states that it wasn’t possible” Trump admin


    “I have a message for CA’s furloughed workers: we’ve got your back.” Newsom

    Now we know who does care.

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