California Warehouse Rave Engulfed in Flames Overnight With Up to 100 People Inside

On Friday night, a fire erupted at a warehouse party in Oakland, California.

The party was advertised on Facebook as a “Rave Cave” and is believed to be a part of musician Golden Donna’s “100% Silk” west coast tour.

55 firefighters fought flames on three sides of the building after the fire broke out around 11:30 p.m.

Fire units were ordered to leave the building and wait for an engineer to assess the viability of the structure before they could continue their efforts inside.

As of 4:20 a.m., the fire was not declared “under control” and had smoke coming from the top floor.

Between 75 and 100 people were in attendance and authorities are still trying to account for at least 20 people. Attendees are utilizing the event’s Facebook page to try to locate the missing people.

California Warehouse Fire
Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

The Facebook page has also been used to provide event goers and their friends and families with updated information.

California Warehouse
Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

OPD has suggested that anyone awaiting info if they wish to assemble they have a space at 2425 east 12th st. at the sheriff’s [sic] office.

The next step is for the corner [sic] to come in to the building. OFD says that no one was taken by ambulance from the site.

As for the missing, I would like to suggest a next of kin contact as a comment in the previous thread.

Let’s try to keep that thread only for the name/missing/safe and kin contact. There is a lot to manage right now, please understand. Thank you.

Holding Hope.

The warehouse is located next to an artists’ collective which was also engulfed in flames. It is unclear how the fire was started.

According to The Daily Mail, Oakland police said those who are concerned about missing people should contact the Alameda County Sheriff’s Coroner’s Bureau 510-382-3000.

Update [11:30 a.m., 12/3/16}: According to USA Today, nine people have been reported dead. The Oakland Fire Chief Teresa Delorach Reed told reporters that she believes the death toll will rise. The building did not have fire suppression sprinklers.

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