Parkland Survivor Calls Trump a ‘Professional Liar’ Who Will ‘Say Anything’ to Appease People

After President Donald Trump spoke at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention, Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor Cameron Kasky issued a scathing criticism of him.

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While appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Kasky called Trump a “professional liar” and suggested he couldn’t have an honest conversation with the president.

Watch Kasky’s interview below:

“He’s a professional liar who will say anything to appease whatever crowd he’s at,” Kasky said Saturday. “If he’s in front of families, he might say something in support of commonsense gun reform.”

CNN had just played clips of Trump both saying he would protect the Second Amendment and appearing to say he wanted to quickly take firearms from people with a mental health diagnosis.

“I like taking the guns early,” Trump said. “Like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida. He had a lot of — they saw everything. To go to court would’ve taken a long time.”

Trump, Kasky suggested, changed his policy position based on where the money led him:

“President Trump, he follows the money. And as long as he’s getting money from the NRA — who, in turn, is getting money from the gun manufacturers — I wouldn’t expect anything common sense any time soon from him.” 

Kasky also argued the NRA convention was unrepresentative of members as a whole and said that “the average members of the NRA, they don’t agree with Trump’s stance on guns.”

“The NRA convention is like Comic-Con — you really only get the diehard fans,” Kasky explained.

“The average Americans who are NRA members — the ones who perhaps got their membership free with the purchase of a handgun, they’re not showing up there and they’re not holding Trump accountable for what he needs to actually talk about,” he added.

Before continuing, Kasky appeared to look down as if he were checking notes.

Leading up to the convention, Kasky called the NRA a “parody of itself” amid news that it allegedly banned firearms from its leadership forum because of Vice President Mike Pence’s attendance:

When CNN asked Kasky about Trump’s argument that according to gun control logic, all cars should be banned because terrorists often use them to kill innocent people, Kasky compared his argument to that of “12-year-olds.” 

“That’s an argument that I very often see from 12-year-olds in my comments section,” Kasky said.

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