26 Twitter Reactions to Obama Golfing Minutes After ISIS Statement Range from Humor to Disbelief

Even supporters of President Obama were surprised and disappointed when minutes after his solemn press conference condemning ISIS terrorists for beheading American photojournalist James Foley, the leader of the free world hopped on his golf cart and got back to vacationing.

And they weren’t shy about it on Twitter. Many immediately recoiled:

obamaGolfingTweets03 obamaGolfingTweets04
Obama supporters were shocked:
obamaGolfingTweets05Even some non-political people chimed in:
And some responses with dark humor:


And outrage:obamaGolfingTweets01

obamaGolfingTweets10Yeah, so basically, it’s not going well for our Golfer-in-Chief when it comes to the optics department. And then there’s this…


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