WINNING: Every Candidate Trump Endorsed Who Won in 2018 Midterms

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President Donald Trump attended several rallies to push for the GOP candidates running in the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and for governor races — now that results are in, it is clear that many endorsed by the president won their races.

The president endorsed a total of 85 candidates in the 2018 midterm elections.

The last of the ballots were cast on Tuesday by Americans across the U.S. and with that, 47 of the candidates so far have won their race, with seven not yet called.

U.S. Senate Endorsements Results

President Trump endorsed 21 candidates running for a spot in the Senate and ten have won their state’s seat, while three candidates still waiting for results.

Arizona and Florida’s races are still too close to call, as well as Mississippi’s special election race with Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith.

U.S. House Endorsements Results

The president endorsed 45 House candidates in the 2018 midterms and now that the results are in, 28 of the candidates won their race for the House.

House races not yet finalized:

  • Diane Harkey (CA-49) is currently too close to call
  • Claudia Tenney (NY-22) has not yet conceded
  • Bruce Poliquin (ME-02) is currently too close to call

Governor Endorsements Results

Out of the 19 candidates that Trump endorsed, nine of the Republican candidates won their governor races — with one yet to be confirmed.

Republican Brian Kemp is currently ahead in Georgia governor race with 50.3 percent of votes, while Democrat Stacey Abrams has 48.7 percent, with 100 percent of votes reported — however, Abrams has yet to concede.

In this year’s midterm elections, the Democrat Party took over control of the House, as they flipped more than 23 seats, giving them the majority — the Republican Party retained control in the Senate.

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He had about the same impact as Obama’s endorsements. They were both just a little over 50 percent endorsed and elected.

Some context would have been nice.





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