Caravan Migrants Captured by Border Patrol Sneaking Into the US Three Times During the Weekend

A large caravan from Central America, which arrived at the United States-Mexico border on Sunday, consisted of 25 of its members caught by Border Patrol after attempting to illegally enter the U.S. on a few separate occasions last weekend. So far, 11 of them face criminal charges filed by the Department of Justice.

This development demonstrates the Trump administration’s threat to arrest anyone crossing the border illegally.

“When respect for the rule of law diminishes, so too does our ability to protect our great nation, its borders, and its citizens,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “The United States will not stand by as our immigration laws are ignored and our nation’s safety is jeopardized.”

While immigrants should have access to a better way of life, it should be done so legally, according to one of California’s district attorneys.

“The American Dream has beckoned immigrants from across the globe because of the promise that prosperity and success are within reach for all,” United States Attorney for the Southern District of California Adam Braverman said in the DOJ statement.

Braverman continued:

Those immigrants have contributed their voices and perspectives to make up our uniquely American experience. But the foundation for the American Dream, and what allows our democracy to flourish, is commitment to the rule of law. These eleven defendants face charges now because they believed themselves to be above the law. Those seeking entry into the United States must pledge fidelity to the law, not break them, or else face criminal prosecution

Nonetheless, the administration on Monday allowed several people from the caravan to apply for asylum. Many in the caravan are fleeing drug wars and other criminal activity in their native country.

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