Carson Defends POTUS Amid Claims of Racism, Says Trump Gets Targeted for Not ‘Playing Identity Politics’

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson defended President Donald Trump against allegations that his political views contributed to the horrific mosque shootings in New Zealand.

During an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Carson explained that the president is sensitive to racial issues even if he doesn’t “wear it on his sleeve.”

Watch the video below:

“I’ve had an opportunity to interact with racist people throughout my life, and [Trump] is not one. He is so easy to be around and so relaxed and treats you with the utmost respect. And, you know, I talked with him early on about the plight of many people, particularly in the inner city, and the compassion that he showed is very impressive. But, you know, he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve. You know, he believes that a rising tide lifts all boats, and he doesn’t go around playing identity politics. He says, ‘Let’s just fix this so that everybody does well.'”

Carson noted that Trump has been using HUD to invest in cities where workers are struggling, including New York City. In January, Carson’s team took over the public housing situation in New York City to help clean up housing units that had long since fallen behind on repairs and upkeep.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio complemented Carson’s efforts to improve the situation. De Blasio explained that federal assistance would lead to “real changes” in the city’s public housing.

In addition to the work of HUD as a whole, the president also championed an executive order that aims to encourage economic investment in inner city “opportunity zones,” as IJR previously reported.

Trump claimed that the executive order would ensure that the economic gains the U.S. has seen under his presidency are witnessed in all corners of the country, not just wealthy areas. He claimed the “opportunity zones” would encourage investment to “rebuild low-income and impoverished neighborhoods that have been ignored by Washington in years past.”

As IJR previously reported, several people were quick to tie the horrific mosque shootings to Trump after the alleged gunman, who has been reported to be a white supremacist, named the president in his manifesto. While some tried to blame the president for the attack, many others came to his defense against the allegations of white supremacy and Islamophobia.


  1. full disclosure: I get forests worth of junk mail and email spam from OR, CA, and WA Democratic parties because I’m Asian. They even provide bilingual material in Chinese.

    Why do they assume I will support them “just because”? I’m independent but caucus with the Republitards (thanks Bernie). No other party does this.

    Is the NEW racism now identity politics?

    1. I am and have been a registered Independent (npa) voting w/GOP only for many years; but I get tons of D messages begging, pleading for money for their cause. I finally had to tell them where to shove it in clear terms so they might understand. Desperation to regain POWER has to be their objective. NOT on my dime – ever!

    2. I am registered in PA as a Democrat. I get weekly email requests from Lara Trump for contributions and an opportunity to have lunch/dinner with Trump. I get emails from the RNC on everything from polling in a close Senate race in a state other than PA and telling me I need to donate to save the seat or Nancy Pelosi is going to do something terrible. I hate to break it to you, but you are only a victim of the same junk email and junk mails as the rest of the voters in the country.

  2. As in many cases of words in America today, we need to define what “racist” means.

    1. Why? Isn’t it still prejudging people NOT as individuals but by the color of their skin, religion, orientation, etc. AND ascribing group behaviors on those bases. q.v. tribalism.

      It may now be called identity politics, but it’s still the same racist, divisive, bigoted, prejudice that’s been around for ever. q.v. anti-Semitism, the KKK, etc.

      A cancerous rosebud by any other name…..

      1. Thank you. So how is Trump NOT racist using YOUR definition? “Mexicans are rapist” “They’re bring drugs into our country.” “Illegal aliens are murders and gang members.”
        How is he not a bigot? “I, Donald J Trump call for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering our country until our country representatives can figure out what the hell is going on”
        I agree with Mulvaney, Trump is a horrible human being.

        1. The Invaders ARE rapists, thieves and transport drugs into our Sovereign Nation. 334 Invaders caught in Hidalgo County in ONE day who were taken there in Eight buses. MS-13 gang members stabbed a teenage over 100 times. READ some unbiased, non-D news to keep up to date. 76,000 apprehended at border in February. Every last one should be stopped by a heavily armed military; then turned around and sent back by CBP and ICE.

          1. James, promise me that you won’t go wacko on me and pull a Robert Bowers attack killing innocent victims. He believed & posted all the same crap you do.

        2. Are you aware the Muslims have at least 12 known guarded training compounds from NY to VA to SC to TX to NM to CA to FL where they live in complete secrecy that even the FBI is not allowed to enter? It IS known they are training for their jihad using (guns & IED’s) to eliminate Jews and Christians; or, convert those to the Islam under Shar’ia Law. WHY shouldn’t the POTUS be skeptical of a group who wishes to do us harm? Trump is doing what he feels best and Americans support him.

          1. If they live in complete secrecy, how are you aware of their existence & exact number? How do I know that you are one of them?

          2. Robert Bowers is the anti-immigrant, White Supremacist that killed 11 Jews in Pittsburgh because he believed George Soros was funding the caravans.

          3. Why do you feel the NEED to tell us who robert bowers is? NOBODY asked. Did your sense of superior intellect compel you to tell us all here about someone we already know about? Did you feel we wouldn’t understand the non-point you were trying to make?

          4. I was not telling YOU. James confused my mention of Richard Bowers as referring to the unnamed 28 yr old Australian White Supremacist that killed Muslims. LOL, is Richard Bowers another NO-NO mention? I will add it to the list of things that you are sensitive about. But, like “Mexico will pay for the wall.” no promises I won’t mention it.

          5. Where is James confused? SHOW me his comment that indicates his confusion about what you said. You just made his confusion up, plain and simple.

          6. James responded with an attack on Muslims to my post mentioning Richard Bowers. Bowers, a White Supremacist, killed Jews because he believed the conspiracy that Soros & other Jews were supporting the “Caravan.” Bowers’ statements to date, have not been about Muslims. He has been charged with obstruction of free exercise of religion, among many other charges. But the religion he is charged with obstructed is not Islam. It’s Judaism. Do you need further assistance?

          7. Once AGAIN, your response does NOT back up your previous response. YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE THE ONE THAT NEEDS FURTHER ASSISTANCE. “James confused my mention of Richard Bowers as referring to the unnamed 28 yr old Australian White Supremacist”. “Just WHERE does James comments do that? ANSWER the question, philly instead of deflecting and going on another rant.

          8. Your OWN words, “James responded with an attack on Muslims”. Just HOW is that “confusion”? You are not near as smart as you think you are, DK

          9. What is the basis of your knowledge of MY perception of my intelligence? If you feel inferior, it does not mean I consider you inferior or myself superior. One does not need to attain a college degree to be familiar with the concepts of formulating a logical thought. Is confusing Bowers with Muslims consistent with a correct correlation?

          10. James is NOT the LEAST bit confused about ANYTHING. YOU are the confused one, but your ego will NEVER let you believe that. Just keep telling other people about what YOU believe their inadequacies are, philly.

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