‘Take Care of Your Own First’: Carson Defends Plan to Block Illegal Immigrants from Public Housing Amid Dem Outrage

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson clashed with House Democrats over the proposal to remove federally subsidized housing for illegal immigrants.

There are roughly 32,000 households in subsidized housing are not led by legal residents in the U.S.

Things got heated during Tuesday’s House Financial Services Committee hearing, as congressional Democrats didn’t agree with Carson on the proposed rule change.

Right out of the gate, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) took a swing at Carson’s plan, labeling it as “cruel.”

Additionally, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) tore into Carson, claiming his plan would “bring nothing but despair to thousands of American families.” She added:

“We cannot create affordable housing for Americans by throwing other Americans out in the street with no place to go […] Your plan to create vacancies by making 55,000 American children homeless is among the most damaging proposals I have ever seen … Where will they live?”

“If you read the rule carefully, you will see that it provides a six-month deferral on request if they have not found another place to live,” Carson responded to Maloney. “And that can be renewed two times for a total of 18 months, which is plenty of time for Congress to engage in comprehensive immigration reform so that this becomes a moot point.”

He added:

“If in fact you want to explain to the American citizens who have been on the wait list for several years in your district in New York why we should continue to support families that are not here legally, I would be happy to join you in helping explain that to them.”

Watch the hearing below:

Carson said he doesn’t believe their department is trying to be “cruel” or “mean-hearted” with the proposal, but “this is common sense. You take care of your own first.”


  1. what idiots. IT is not throwing American citizens out it is throwing ILLEGAL immigrants out on the street. If they don’t want to live on the street they can take a ride back home out of America.


  3. And people are disagreeing with him???? WHY??????? WTF is wrong with these Demcrats? Are they insane???

  4. American citizens first. I am sure Nancy Pelosi has room in her multiple houses for multiple non citizen families

  5. thank you Secratary Ben Carson .Unfortunately Dmeocrats forgot about the US taxpayers and the citizens needs in exchange for future votes of the illegals . Sadly Illegals are better off than the taxpayers who pays the bills .DEMCORATS should be ashame of themselves

  6. Now suddenly they are talking about dislocating thousands illegals to make room for our citizens. Hurrah, for BEN. Suddenly they forgot about the 9 month abortion killing live children, suddenly they are worried about children??? The dems pick and choose their priorities depending upon not what is right but what is more socialist. This woman is a two faced Democrat. As usual makes no sense and does not listen to reason. Just her own agenda.

  7. I am definitely with you. Dem’s do nothing but try to impeach Trump.

  8. He is 100% right, take care of your own first!!!

  9. Maxine Waters needs to shut up and let the smart people make the decisions.I don’t think we have ever had someone in our government who hates the American people like Maxine Waters does.

  10. I personally applaud this action. The wait list for housing in our County and true Americans are still waiting while illegal aliens are living in housing intended for low income families. Yes,they need a place to live, I suggest they return to their Country for their needs

    1. Return to their country for their needs huh. Look in the mirror and say that to yourself a couple times and see if you can sleep tonight. They left their country for a reason. I have an idea. Why don’t you switch places with one of them for one month. Boy God would be proud of you.

      1. To add to my previous comment. While you are in their horrible country you can pray to God like these people probably do, and ask God to help you and your children and see if leads you back to our country. I serioiusly can’t stand you people talking like this. These people are here for a reason. God never said ok you will live over here and be tortured for eternity and you will live over here where you can be free. To be honest Im mad at your stupid comment.

        1. “These people are here for a reason.” And just what might that reason be? ” Why don’t you switch places with one of them for one month”. Why don’t YOU take them into your own household, holier than thou?

        2. I’m sure that a SJW like yourself would greet home invaders like members of your own family, right? After all, you have stuff they don’t and if you don’t share it on demand then you’re just being racist.

          So, you speak to God? Apparently you’re quite chummy. lol

        3. How many desperate people do you have living with you ? You know you can sponsor family’s and help out .

      2. Those people are coming here because different organizations are running advertisements in said countries promising a land of wine and roses and transportation to get here.

        God’s busy with other things; He gave us “free will” so we would have better things to do than pester Him.

      3. Most people leaving Central America do so for economic reasons. We should take care of citizens first. I was on HUD housing for several years when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had to wait in line behind illegal aliens. Being a combat veteran that obviously pissed me off. This is the Ynited States of America. We need to take cate of Americana first. P. S. I lived in Central America for five years. I worked in the fields and construction. You only make a few dollars a day but you can eat. Doctor visit is only 5 dollars.

  11. I stand behind his decision 100% I would also like to know how she can call the one’s being evicted Americans, they are not Americans because they are here illegally from other nations. They are only American if they come here legally, adopt our laws and swear an oath allegiance ( in front of a judge) to this country and to accept and adopt to our way of life. So how does she get off that it brings despair to american families when they aren’t american. She also states that we cannot create affordable housing for Americans by throwing other Americans out in the street. We did in fact created affordable housing for Americans but threw them out in the street to make room for someone that came here illegally.

    Additionally, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) tore into Carson, claiming his plan would “bring nothing but despair to thousands of American families.” She added:

    “We cannot create affordable housing for Americans by throwing other Americans out in the street with no place to go […] Your plan to create vacancies by making 55,000 American children homeless is among the most damaging proposals I have ever seen … Where will they live?”

    1. I have an idea. Why don’t we make the billionares pay for it. I mean after all they did steal our taxes. Oh, wait a minut, you must be a billionaire. Why dont you do what I told the lastp person. Why dont you switch places with one of them for one month and while you are in their horrible country, why dont you pray for God to help you. Maybe God will lead you back to our country or maybe he won’t

      1. You should STOP having ideas immediately. Why don’t YOU pray to God to help you remove the rafter from your own eye, holier than thou?

      2. Poverty is a horrible thing. There are those right here in our own country – American citizens, being denied the opportunity to improve their lives because of the influx of ILLEGAL immigrants! Legal immigration is welcome! As stated, they are waiting for housing behind those that are illegal that do not pay into the system they want to use (how nice for them). You bring God into the equation, but in case you havent noticed, its not popular to be a God fearing American at this time in history- you are persecuted and discriminsted against – yes, Right here in the US. Perhaps you need to open your eyes and see the discrimination and persecution in this country to Americans and have the same determination to help the hurting in your own country.

        1. Deebee – I agree with you and Ben Carson 100%. Would you please run for office and replace at least one of the politicians coming up with the nonsense coming out of Washington. God Bless You.

  12. need a special liberal (only) tax to pay for the Demos wants

    1. And tax them every time the vote or register to vote.

  13. Good job Mr. Ben another good man standing up for Americans. God Bless you.

  14. Carson, just like Trump, exemplifies the notion of “professional idiocy” – a term coined by a German philosopher to denote someone who may be intelligent and competent in his own profession or business but limited to the point of idiocy in other areas important for being a fully developed human. Such individuals lack proportion, a broad education and outlook on life, and the wisdom that comes from it. When this characteristic is joined by paranoia (Carson) or malignant narcissism and megalomania (Trump),voting for such personalities in the U.S. is an invitation to national or world disaster. Those that would vote for these chumps are not professional idiots but simply idiots, the number of which is still much less than that of reasonable people.

    Carson can also be identified as an idiot savant, totally out of touch with reality except when it comes to his expertise field. Such individuals may be susceptible to inventing or believing all kinds of nebulous theories without any basis in fact. Here’s proof when it comes to Benny:


    1. I care for an 81-year-old widowed neighbor who is disabled and can’t speak due to a stroke. She is as poor as a church mouse. Her husband was a decorated World War II veteran. I applied for food stamps benefits for her. She was approved for $15 a month. How is that right? Why should we provide housing for illegal aliens before we take care of our own, Like this widow? I would like to see you take your own personal funds and support illegal aliens’ housing expenses directly., but you probably already suck off the public tit. You are an idiot who uses big words, but has not one iota of common sense.

      1. @Jane Martin, I’m sure this is just another stupid liberal. No matter how much education they get, they will never actually be smart. That’s why they don’t understand what brilliant men like Carson and Trump stand for.

      2. If an illegal needs to go to make room for a veteran or disabled person who is on the list, that makes total sense to me. For every person or family who loses a slot will go to someone else, preferably a citizen.

    2. It would appear that YOU are the one out of touch with reality. What exactly is your “expertise”, since you claim one should only operate in that realm. Wait, let me guess…armchair quarterback with a big dictionary?

    3. I am praying that you are not an American. Although, we have plenty of idiots like you, I hate to see them speak their non-sense on a public forum. You are an embarrassment to any country that you live in.

  15. Here in NYC it took my aunt 8 years to get a studio apt in affordable housing. Her new neighbor moved in last week with her 4 kids who are all dressed to the nines. According to the lady they’ve been in this country for only a little over a year. If my aunt didn’t speak Spanish this lady would barely be able to communicate with her, so yeah Carolyn explain that to the multitudes of citizens in your own district who have been patiently waiting for years.

  16. All those Dems who want Illegal Invaders in our Country should go down to the border, pick up a dozen or so and take them home. NO Federal or State assistance providing for them and NO deducting them as “dependents”. You want ’em; YOU got ’em for life.

  17. What happens when smarter heads prevail! All hail Ben Carson!

  18. Go Ben Go !!!!!
    You were my #2 choice of POTUS after Trump!

  19. It is about time someone stood up for the citizens of this country. Tell the DEMS to invite them into their home.

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