Ben Carson Flattens Ilhan Omar for Claiming the Former Brain Surgeon Was ‘Sleepy’ During HUD Testimony

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson called out Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) after she claimed he was “sleepy” during his Congressional testimony.

During a heated exchange in Tuesday’s testimony, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-Md.) pressed Dr. Carson to answer several questions about the relationship between the health of an individual and the standard of their living conditions.

Carson responded to several questions during the three-hour testimony and grew increasingly agitated by Pressley’s demand that he answer questions as a “yes or no” that he believed required more nuance.

As Carson continued to elaborate, Pressley repeatedly reclaimed her time, cutting off Dr. Carson in the process. At one point during the exchange, Dr. Carson demanded to reclaim his time — a move which isn’t allowed by House rules because he is not a member.

Pressley quickly shut down the Secretary, telling him, “You don’t get to do that.”

Watch Pressley’s exchange with Carson:

Carson laughed off his rules breach, but the moment quickly surfaced online, catching the eye of Rep. Omar.

Omar took to Twitter to make a jab at the former brain surgeon, claiming that he wasn’t “fully awake” during the testimony — a jab at the doctor’s calm demeanor.

Although Dr. Carson isn’t known for his Twitter fights, he didn’t take the insult from Omar sitting down.

He quickly fired back, pointing to his incomparable career as a brain surgeon, and noted that he knows how to stay awake when it matters. He also called out the congresswoman for her pro-choice political beliefs, noting that he cares about all Americans, “even those she doesn’t recognize as having a right to life.”

Omar ignored Carson’s abortion jab and claimed that the doctor isn’t qualified to run HUD. She instead claimed that the secretary should be someone who “values every living person’s right to dignified housing.”

While Omar may not think Carson cares about those growing up in impoverished areas, his work on “Opportunity Zones” has already brought in more than $25 billion in private investment to help create jobs and economic opportunity in underserved neighborhoods.

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  1. Unfortunately being a total a–hole does qualify her to be in Congress

  2. Dr Carson has forgot more than she will ever know

  3. Ilhan Omar is an embarrassment to this country. She has a vile and insulting mouth that just spews hatred. before she points the finger of negativity at anyone or anything she should clean up her own act.

  4. Doctor Ben Carson is a brilliant man who has lived in a poor neighborhood. He has overcome his environment and has accomplished amazing feats. He should be entitled to answer the questions the way he sees fit. He is a decent and wonderful person.!!!!

  5. Dr. Carson is simply enforcing the laws written by Congress. Unfortunately we have the worst Congress in history right now that has accomplished absolutely nothing. Their only concern is the impeachment of the President. The have offered no solutions on any problem Americans face and have in fact been extremely obstructive. Cant wait till 2020 to kick this worthless Congress out

  6. The King’s Secretaries are just beginning to experience what oversight looks like and they are very confused by it all!

  7. Carson getting questioned, criticized, and put down by Omar and Presley is a joke. He has more dignity, intelligence and ethics than those two will ever have. You got these people questioning him, and showing him no respect for what he has done his whole life. What are they doing but criticizing and pointing the finger at everyone but themselves. What are they doing for the American people but putting on a political show to make our President look bad. They are despicable.

  8. These Q&A showboat sessions are all trying to rebuke the current administration in any way possible. They only want the gotcha moment while they ask stupid questions that need explanations, and make quick rules, we only want yes or no answers. Funny how that works.

  9. Dr. Carson is too much of a respected man to listen to a disrespectful bully like @llhanMN She thinks because of her position it gives her the right to bully and ignore the responses of one of the top respected DR’s in our country, not to mention the office he holds and she keeps badgering him about.
    This witch, along with her other comrades need to be voted OUT. That is unacceptable behavior for a person in that position.

  10. Dr. Ben is by far a more respected person than she could ever expect to be.

  11. Democrats will lose in 2020 because of their inability to listen, understand, comprehend, or respect the responses or opinions of others (ahhhh, Free Speech), others who are WAY more intelligent than they are because frankly they spit out hatred at every opportunity without listening, but at the very list, you would at least think they would believe that all babies deserve life. Not so with the Left because they HATE conservatives (and Christians) soooo much. Sickening. You WILL lose the House and the Presidency and then guess what, BYE BYE!!

  12. She is a miserable human being! How in the world did she get nominated into our Congress?

    1. because she lives in a configured district of people who are more miserable

  13. Sad such a brilliant man has to listen to such ignorance

  14. I think both Pressley and Omar are both insolent, narcissist idiots, that need to be voted out of office.

  15. What I think about Ilhan Omar is that she should be indicted and tried for immigration fraud and deported back to Mogadishu Somalia.

    1. Interesting! I hadn’t read any concerns about her immigration status. Do you have a source that she is guilty of immigration fraud? I’d love to read more.

      1. She married her brother to gain illegal entry into this country.

      2. Her msrriage to her brother to get him into the US.

        1. Yes, i have seen the rumors. I also have seen they have not been confirmed as truthful – not even on extremely right leaning news sources. I’d be interested to see a source that states this as fact since you are so quick to claim it as fact.

  16. In the first place it was a big mistake for such a qualified person cooperate to the worst US president in manner and in instigation all people groups,Blacks,Immigrants,Spanish, disabled ,veterans ,sportsmen etc.On the other hand I don’t support these women demanding and dictating interview especially this Somali American who mock always people of faith groups different from her and degraded the great attack on our nation September 11 as “some people did some thing ” some people.

    1. What right does she have to poke fun at a great physician . Give her a bio of the man and how. he became a doctor and what his mother went through phyisica!!y raising him…he personally knows what it is to be poor and hungry. When she is called on because of her anti American mouth she goes into a name calling rage. THESE 3 IN CONGRESS ARE AGITATING PLANTS… I won’t name names .we all KNOW.

    2. Do you really think you are qualified to make the statement that President Trump is the worst President …What have you accomplished in your life ?? Unless you have accomplished what President Trump has you are a hypocrite for the criticism period

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