Catholic TV Network Ends Multi-Year Legal Battle With Right to Avoid Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate

Eric Thayer/File Photo/Reuters

After a nearly seven-year legal battle, the world’s largest religious media network will be able to continue operating without covering contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization through its employee health insurance plan.

The battle ended after a federal court vacated another court’s decision against Eternal World Television Network (EWTN), Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported.

“Almost seven years and two presidential administrations later,” EWTN’s Chief Executive Officer Michael P. Warsaw said, “the government and the courts have now realized what EWTN has been saying all along, that the HHS Mandate was an unconstitutional attempt to coerce us into violating our strongly held beliefs.”

He was referring to the contraception mandate imposed upon employers by former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

The network was able to reach a settlement with President Donald Trump’s Justice Department, which had made strides towards supporting religious liberty early in his administration.

“I am confident this agreement will protect EWTN from such regulations, both now and in the future,” Warsaw said, according to CNA.

As IJR previously reported, the Trump administration tried exempting employers from complying with the contraception mandate, but faced legal challenges. This recent outcome, therefore, marks a big victory for religious liberty and advocates of the movement.

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