Celeb Diet Guru Faces Prison Time After Cancer Patient’s Death… But He Still Swears By His Diet’s ‘Results’

Although New Year’s Eve may feel like a lifetime ago, it’s still January 2017, and new year’s resolutions are still (hopefully) in full swing.

According to statistics, losing weight is the number one goal for people in 2017, as well as a top goal for people throughout the past decade.

But with the intense, short-lived passion to blossom into a healthy and fit version on one’s self, comes unhealthy trend diets that do more harm than good.

And if the “alkaline diet” sounds familiar, it might be a good time to research another method of weight loss. Robert Young PhD, the creator of the popular diet, is now facing prison time for practicing medicine without a license.

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According to BBC, his “PhD” was revealed in court to have been purchased online from a “diploma mill.”

Young’s theory of alkalinity has been published in his series of books called “pH Miracle.” In them, he explains that all acidity is bad, and causes weight gain as well as diseases. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Kelly Ripa have all publicly supported the anti-acidity diet, and broadcasted their own application of it.

But in the same theory, according to Young, if one eats a plant-based diet that lacks acidity, one can heal whatever diseases they suffer from— like cancer. He explained the notion to BBC:

“The human body in its perfect state of health is alkaline in its design. All sickness and disease can be prevented by managing the delicate pH balance of the fluids of the body.”

Last year, Young was convicted on two charges of practicing without a license, but the convictions came too late for one young woman looking to survive her cancer diagnosis…

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Naima Houder-Mohammed, a captain in the British army, died when she was just 27 years old after receiving treatment from Young.

After being in remission for three years, Naima’s cancer came back aggressively in 2012. With limited medical options, the solider turned to the internet, and discovered Young’s alternative theories on curing cancer.

She, along with the help of her family and community, raised thousands of dollars for treatment payments. She flew to Young’s “clinic,” which was located on his million-dollar property in southern California, called the “pH Miracle Ranch.”

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However, according to BBC, the “healing program” Young so passionately sold the desperate young woman on was essentially baking soda infusions. He set her up to take IVs of “an alkaline solution of sodium bicarbonate,” which in layman’s terms is baking soda.

Naima’s illness worsened after three months, and she was flown back to England to be with her family. She died shortly thereafter.

At the end of the three months she spent intravenously receiving baking soda, Naima paid Young a total of $77,000— with each drip of sodium bicarbonate costing $550.

Her friend and fellow officer, Afzal Amin, told BBC her family was devastated when they discovered the truth about Young:

“They feel utterly betrayed. It’s just horrific that somebody could exploit people for money. This is I think for them the most disturbing element, that for something as cheap as money he was just able to destroy people’s lives.”

And after speaking with Young, himself, the BBC reported that he continues to believe in the alkaline diet 100 percent. When its reporters asked Young if he felt sorry for taking Naima — along with 80 other terminally-ill patients, — under his program, he said he felt no remorse:

“because of the thousands if not millions of people that have been helped through the [alkaline diet] program.”

And when those same reporters explained to Young that there is zero evidence proving an alkaline-infused bloodstream could affect cancer in the slightest, he responded:

“These things need to be studied.”

Young faces up to three years in prison.

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