Florida Man Charged in Bombs Mailed to Trump Critics

PLANTATION, Fla. (Reuters) – U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Friday that Cesar Sayoc, the suspect in at least 13 suspicious packages sent to prominent Democrats and others, is in the custody of the FBI and has been charged with five federal crimes.

Sayoc faces up to 58 years in prison if found guilty, Sessions said at a press conference announcing the charges.

“We will not tolerate such lawlessness, especially political violence,” he said.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks at a news conference about the arrest of Cesar Sayoc on federal charges of sending at least a dozen parcel bombs to Democratic politicians and high-profile critics of President Trump, at the Justice Department in Washington, U.S., October 26, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

FBI agents arrested Sayoc, 56, in Plantation, Florida and also hauled away a white van plastered with pro-Trump stickers, the slogan “CNN SUCKS” and images of Democratic figures with red crosshairs over their faces.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the news conference that fingerprints on a package sent to Congresswoman Maxine Waters were confirmed to be that of Sayoc.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions listens as FBI Director Christopher Wray addresses a news conference to discuss an arrest related to the investigation of at least a dozen parcel bombs sent to Democratic politicians and high-profile critics of President Trump, at the Justice Department in Washington, U.S., October 26, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

He also said there could be other packages.

(Reporting by Zachary Fagenson and Bernie Woodall; Additional reporting by Gina Cherelus, Gabriella Borter and Peter Szekely in New York, Mark Hosenball, Makini Brice, Susan Heavey, Sarah N. Lynch in Washington, and Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee; Writing by Bill Tarrant; Editing by Lisa Shumaker and Cynthia Osterman)


  1. I could be wrong, have been before, but I think this guy is a ‘lone’ loon who either didn’t have the ‘competence’ to make a successful bomb or didn’t want them to go off; seems he lived in a conspicuous van!
    Either way, lock him up and throw away the key.

  2. Normally there’d be a conflation of this Sayoc trash with republican deplorables, and it’d be appropriate – perhaps for the first time.

    1. There is around an 80% approval rating of Trumpov from the gen-pop of Trumplicans. I”d say the percentage of deplorables is pretty high, too.

      If you put s pizza in an oven, don’t expect to take out a roast ham.

  3. And the Dear Leader didn’t tone things down, accept any sort of responsibility for his rhetoric that cranks thing up in his rallies, in his speeches. He just can’t bring himself to mitigate any of his influence. You watch. He and his cult members will continue to agitate and accuse or blame others for this guy’s actions.

    1. So do the libs. Maxine waters. Hillary clinton,Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder and many others. Not one disavowed any of the rhetoric and mahem. They ramped it up as conservative politicians were shot. Conservatives enjoying a concert was shot and killed, old men and some women were beaten. The list of the hypocritical left is just to long to name. The birth of antifa, it just goes on and on. Now One conservative kook plants fake bombs, that didn’t hurt anyone its all over the news blaming

    2. As have none of your Democratic deities. Stop trying to make it all one sided.

  4. The only remaining question is whether Sayoc acted alone or if he is being used as a patsy due to his obvious and varied mental disorders. He would have been highly suggestible for someone to use him to handle and deliver packages leaving enough evidence to implicate him. I’m generally not a person given to conspiracy theories, but the timing of delivering these bombs is simply way too convenient to ignore the possibility of other player(s) and a deeper motive.

    1. Agreed. Mental illness and what appears to be mental-deficiency (plus a criminal record) would make him a great dupe.

    2. LOL I think this guy is a true original. No one would team with him so forget the conspiracy. As for depth, there’s none so forget the deeper motive as well.

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