Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Had to Google Instructions Because She Forgot How to Turn It On

One of the most uplifting viral stories coming out of Hurricane Irma stemmed from the Miami-Dade Police Department tweeting a video clip of someone using a chainsaw to get through debris. What made it especially clickable, though, was that the someone was a nun in full habit.

That nun is Sister Margaret Ann, principal of Miami’s Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School. In light of her newfound fame, she spoke to The Associated Press in an interview that was published on Friday. In the conversation, Sister Margaret Ann admits that she had to look up how to use the chainsaw because she had forgotten how to start it.

“I actually had to Google it to find out how to start it because I’d forgotten how,” she said. “The students have told me everything is online, sister; just ask the question online.”

The internet being the internet, though, she had to deal with critics after the video became a hit.

“Some people have sent me videos on how to use a chainsaw because apparently I wasn’t using it correctly or as safe as I should’ve been, so I’m learning, too,” she said. Still, she mostly seems happy with the response to the video because it showed a non-stereotypical side of nuns.

“The students are telling me, they are saying, ‘Sister, you’re no wimp. You’ll get out there and work with us,'” Sister Margaret Ann said. “And that is really the way it should be, and that’s the way sisters really are,” the nun added. “We are not just sitting back praying, or asking other people, or begging for money or anything like that.”

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