Now ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Classic Is Being Ripped Apart Over ‘Racist’ Scene

The classic “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” a short film created in 1973 portraying a group of friends gathering for a Thanksgiving day feast, has received backlash since it recently aired.

After airing on Tuesday on ABC, some responded on social media to “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” cartoon in anger that the show had a racist scene — even though that was probably the opposite of the cartoonist’s intentions.

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The iconic “Peanuts” cartoon contained a scene where Sally, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, and dog Snoopy sat on one side of the Thanksgiving day table with Linus and Marcie at the heads of the table. Franklin was alone on the other side of the table.

Franklin was the only African American friend in the cartoon — which drew some reactions.

Watch the video below:

Some people reacted to the cartoon, who weren’t so happy about it:

Others had different reactions to the “Charlie Brown” cartoon:

Despite some people’s ideas on the sitting situation at the Charlie Brown Friendsgiving meal, the cartoonist Charles M. Schulz was actually the opposite of racist.

In a “You’re a Racist, Charlie Brown?” article, Jeremy Helligar noted:

“A relevant aside: During the farewell dinner about one hour and five minutes into 1972’s Snoopy Come Home, Franklin was seated on the same side of the table as Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Frieda — in a regular chair.”

It was after Rev. Martin Luther King’s assassination when cartoonist Schulz received a letter from Harriet Glickman about cartoon integration — Schulz appreciated Glickman’s letter and introduced Franklin as a “regular kid” playing on a beach in the July 31, 1968 storyline, The Washington Post reported.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated.


  1. Everything and everyone is racist… What a duchebag way to attack something wonderful.

  2. Let’s look at the silly scale, because this is just stupid.

    In real world US demographics, there are six humans at the table. One is black. That’s 1/6, or almost 17%, which is an OVERREPRESENTATION of blacks by population (12-14%). They could make him biracial, but that still wouldn’t fix the #s. Three females is proportionate.

    Unless Snoopy is gay, bi-, or transgender (fractions of a single percent) then Charlie Brown MUST be denounced as marginalizing!

    1. I think they are mad no one is sitting with him on his side of the table.

      So… bump the silly scale score up 2 notches please.

      1. No anger or upset. Why would I?
        Why are you assuming HE didn’t choose to sit alone? Maybe he likes it that way. I would.

        1. Me? I think its silly too! I think its even dumber than being mad about number of blacks on the show.

          Thats why i said to up the supply score on the silly scale.

      2. People getting upset about this innocent cartoon are just stupid.
        They ASSUME he’s black, not transracial (e.g. Rachel Dolezal), an Indian of Dravidian descent, or his parents own a tanning salon (some issues there).
        They assume racial motivations, when flatulence, poor hygiene, or contagious conditions are also possible.
        Where’s Pigpen?

        Also, they assume Franklin did not choose to sit alone. Maybe he likes it that way.

  3. Anyone thinking this is racist needs to get a life. How about donating your time, energy & thoughts to a worthwhile cause !

    1. Edwina, the perpetual outrage crowd knows not rest. Or thinking.

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