Charlotte Rioters Show a Brutal Side By Trying to Throw Photographer Into a Fire. Police Save Him.

On the second night of riots in Charlotte, North Carolina — the level of violence increased.

A CNN reporter was violently assaulted by a masked protester:

A protester went to the hospital after being critically wounded via gunshot by another civilian:

And more police officers were injured:

However, a horrifying report about what almost happened to a photographer on the scene really emphasizes just how brutal one group of rioters is. The photographer, who hasn’t been identified, wasn’t shoved to the ground — he was nearly burned alive.

WCCB Charlotte tweeted that protesters attempted to throw a journalist into a fire:

One report even indicated that the photographer was beat up before the protesters tried to throw him into the fire:

The video is below. One point about the event to cheer is that some civilians can be seen helping to provide cover for the vulnerable man as police work to regain order:

WCCB later said that their media crew was being taken to the hospital. It’s not clear if the photographer was part of that crew:

Since the unrest, North Carolina’s governor has called in the National Guard.

As of right now, the photographer’s name has not been released.

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