Check Out the Audience’s Reaction as Transgender Boy People Tried to Ban Wins Women’s Texas Wrestling Tournament

This past Saturday, 17-year-old Mack Beggs polished off his undefeated wrestling season as he became the Texas state title holder for the women’s 110-pound weight division:

Beggs is a transgender male, who was born a female and began taking testosterone in 2015.

Some in attendance booed the teen as he clinched victory:

It wasn’t just those in attendance who felt it was wrong for Beggs to compete, but many on social media didn’t approve either:

According to reports, parents in the league had previously tried to get Beggs banned from competition, arguing that he was at an unfair advantage over the other competitors because he was taking testosterone:

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To make things even more complicated, Beggs found his way into the state tournament after two leading female competitors forfeited, according to the New York Daily News.

Below is the parent of one of Beggs’ opponents explaining her daughter’s initial intent to “see it through” the final match:

Some competitors filed lawsuits against Texas’s University Interscholastic League because they don’t believe Beggs should have been allowed to compete.

While Beggs may have dominated the women in his state, he did try and compete in the men’s league, being that he identifies as such:

However, the University Interscholastic League stated that student-athletes must compete as the gender listed on their birth certificate. It also states males and females are strictly prohibited from wrestling against one another.

After his win, Beggs was interviewed, and he said that he wished the attention had been on his team instead of on the negative reactions people had towards him competing:

Despite the fact that many felt it was completely unfair for Beggs to participate, UIL deputy director Jamey Harrison said there was nothing unfair about Beggs’ win:

“Nothing that has happened at this year’s wrestling championships has the UIL reconsidering its rules because quite frankly we don’t believe that any issues being reported on are really a product of UIL rules.”

Do you think Beggs’ undefeated season was fair?

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