Check Out the Trolling Snapchat Filter Ted Cruz is About to Drop on Donald Trump’s Iowa Event

Donald Trump is skipping the last debate before the Iowa Caucuses due to a feud with FOX News.

Now Ted Cruz is taking to Snapchat to troll the decision. The filter features a duck, with Donald Trump’s hairstyle asking “Where Is Ducking Donald?”

Here it is:


The image is a take on this Ted Cruz website asking Trump to debate.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.58.49 PM

According to Cruz national press secretary Catherine Frazier, the filter will be available in both the debate location in downtown Des Moines, and at tonight’s Drake University Trump debate protest site.

Frazier added:

“Iowans and Americans deserve to hear from all the candidates. To refuse to answer simple questions about record and policy is a disservice to voters. IF you want a job you have to show up for the interview. Trump should be at this debate and his refusal to reflects that his campaign is about himself and not the American people.”

This post was updated after publishing to add Frazier’s statement.

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