Chelsea Clinton Responds After GOP Congressman Posts Video of Lamp Nearly Falling on Hillary

On Christmas Eve, Republican Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona tweeted out a video of a lamp nearly falling on Hillary Clinton with the caption “remember the reason for the season!” Unsurprisingly, Gosar’s distasteful post was widely condemned and on the day after Christmas, Chelsea Clinton responded.

The former first daughter wrote “at 11am on Christmas Eve, we were making cookies for Santa. Thank you Congressman for reminding me of my dad’s quick reflexes.”

The clip that Gosar posted was an excerpt of a 60 Minutes interview from 1992. After the incident, a 60 Minutes reporter said “it was like an artillery round going off. And then I suddenly realized that the lights had fallen off the wall and almost killed them.”

After the lights fell from the set, nearly hitting Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton holds her for a moment while the producers try to figure out what they’re going to do about the show.

The incident came during an especially tense interview, as Bill Clinton was appearing on the program to address a report that he had an affair during their marriage.

Hillary Clinton didn’t respond to Gosar’s tweet, instead sending out a Christmas Eve photo of herself and Bill Clinton in front of a Christmas tree with the caption “a merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

Gosar is known for his unconventional behavior. He is the only member of Congress who has endorsed a fringe, anti-Muslim activist running for Congress in Florida. During the impeachment inquiry, Gosar tweeted “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” through a set of tweets.

Gosar was first elected to Congress in 2010 and he’s held his seat easily in every election since then. In 2018, six of Gosar’s siblings appeared in a campaign ad for his Democratic opponent in which they announced their endorsements for the candidate running against their brother.


  1. “Trump is being pilloried by the Left for things before he was elected.

    Clinton did it while elected and in the WH.” I Ching

    Oh, now, THAT is interesting coming from you.

    I am confused. Are you saying that there should be a time limit on the consequences resulting from infidelity? That sure sounds like what you are implying!

    Also, how do YOU know that His Majesty has not been unfaithful since Stormey Daniels? That was only the last time that we know about, not necessarily the last occurance. Since he is a serial assaulter, according to well over a dozen women, he could very well have attempted diddling in the Whitehouse, too, and you not know about it yet. Just saying.

  2. Why can’t they get over Hillary and Bill? Cause they know how much better they are. Godard is a complete and total worthless waste of oxygen. He has no redeeming social value, when will Florida get real, and stop letting crooks hold office.

  3. Am I the only one to predict that Chelsea will eventually run for office? Give it twelve years, after Trump’s 2nd term and his successor.

    1s clue: she starts running for state offices.

  4. How was his reflexes so fast Chelsey it was over b4 he even moved you BOZO

    1. Greg try to learn sentence structure and spelling before making an ass of yourself

  5. One would think that Gosar would not want to remind R’s that they were deeply offended that Clinton committed adultery, when they have taken a pass on Trump’s serial adultery during ALL THREE of his marriages. EXACTLY WHAT would the Clintons have to lose with anything Jeff Epstein had to say about Bill Clinton?? NOW, there IS a candidate in 2020 that is in NUMEROUS photos and videos partying with Epstein. Hint: It is the front runner for the R nomination. AG Barr is going to say Epstein committed suicide to cover for Clinton??? Trumpism is divorced from reality, but even you folks have to realize that is far fetched. Barr is Trump’s defense attorney being paid by the taxpayers.

    1. So easy Phil. Trump is being pilloried by the Left for things before he was elected.

      Clinton did it while elected and in the WH.

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