Cheney Says GOP Will Continue to Call out AOC’s Squad to Remind 2020 Voters of the Dangers of Socialism

Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) claimed that the GOP would not be easing up on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and her so-called squad anytime soon.

Over the past week, President Donald Trump stirred up a national controversy by tweeting that some members of congress should “go back” to other countries to “fix” their problems. The tweet was considered racist by some because of the four members he referenced, only Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was born outside of the United States. The remaining three — Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) — were born in the country and would have no country for which to “go back.”

During a heated interview on “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brennen pressed Cheney on her response to the controversy. The congresswoman made it clear that she would not be backing down from criticizing the squad, no matter what anyone said about it. She claimed the congresswomen should have to “defend” their policy positions.

Watch Cheney’s comments:

“I don’t think the American people are gonna look to foreign leaders to tell us who should lead the nation. They’re not gonna look to foreign leaders to tell us whether or not we should be a socialist country. Thank goodness we won’t do that. We depend upon those people who are elected and I think that when you see the Democratic members of Congress standing up and saying that they want to — that we have concentration camps on our borders, that they want to provide free health care for illegal immigrants, that they want to end private health insurance, that they want to impose socialism on this country. They need to defend those policy positions.”

Cheney said the Republican House Conference — which she chairs — will do what it can to dissuade the American people on socialism.

“We are going to take every opportunity to make sure the American people — who are the ones that are gonna make this choice come November 2020 — recognize the fundamental choice that we’re all facing.”


  1. What is the difference between what some of the Democrats are proposing and what is successfully implemented in the mixed economies of UK, Canada, etc…

    Conservatives always jump right to Venezuela and overlook the fact that 1. We are already a mixed economy. 2. There are plenty of successful mixed economies that are functioning just fine that incorporate some of the policies peddled by “the squad.”

    I’m not saying do everything they say because its all sunshine and we have endless amounts of money, but its not like some of these policies don’t have plenty of current day evidence of working either.

    1. the most successful socialist country was the soviet union. Think about that.

  2. >Screwtape< Because IJR is on vacation or something.

    It doesn't take much research to reveal what Socialism is all about and how it has destroyed people's lives. One of my favorite quotes: "Socialism is the philosophy of control freaks." POWER and CONTROL is the name of THEIR game (Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals").

    Yet, the low information Bernie followers – like Usually Confused – continue their argument and hammering away at the intelligent people in an attempt to move the needle to the Socialist side even though THEY cannot see any possible gain for the American people. Maybe they're trying to convince themselves knowing it's an abject failure start to end. But, we already knew that.

  3. Mz Dibble is another reporter who is getting paid by the word: she repeats the same paragraph twice just to up her word count.

  4. The Dims have committed themselves to socialist policies even they cannot make work. Same for the 2020 candidates.

    The fun fact about Socialists is they talk a good game, but never commit their own monies to the “cause”. q.v. Bernie failing to pay his own staff the $15/hr he forced others to do.

    Even Generally Confused talks shit, but never says (or lies) about how he spends his own money. Medicare for All? Sure. You people go on it first for a couple of years. Let us know how that works for you.

    For these people it’s about controlling how YOUR money is spent (or at least what they leave you.) All they do is promise free shit they themselves will never pay for.

  5. I seriously doubt it’ll take much to dissuade the intelligent American voter from even thinking about the failures of Socialism, NO one with even a smidgen of cognitive functioning would consider destroying the America we have for a Venezuelan style of what passes for “living” there. Stealing food from garbage trucks and offering your child for a strangers is not the America we want.

    1. Yet James, we have deluded idiots like Genital Contusion who embrace socialism. I speculate because he thinks he has something to gain.

      Here’s the thing about socialism, not one person who advocates it commits their own money first. It’s always the monies of others. I would bet that this is the case with the Genital. He talks a big game, but will NEVER commit. Just like Bernie.

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