Cheney Torches House Dems’ ‘Irresponsible Action’ With Impeachment Pursuit ‘Regardless of the Facts’

House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) had one thing to say to her Democratic colleagues: their calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment are an “irresponsible action.”

Since the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report, Democrats and one Republican Congress member, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), have turned up the dial on impeachment, even though their desire of booting Trump from office may not be in line with most Americans’.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the National Association of Realtors' Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, U.S., May 17, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Carlos Barria/Reuters

The Republican lawmaker addressed the situation at Tuesday’s weekly press conference.

“They have got a very strong and seems to be growing segment of their caucus who believes that they should move forward regardless of the facts, regardless of the situation,” Cheney said, adding that “many” Democrats have sought impeachment since the 2016 presidential election.

Cheney called the impeachment calls a “shame,” “bad for the nation,” and “bad for the Constitution.”

She continued:

“Fundamentally, I think, is an irresponsible action with respect to what our duties and responsibilities are as members of this body. To continue down this path of these investigations, which really are based on partisan attacks and on the fact that they do not believe Donald Trump should be president. We have too much hugely important work to do, work the American people elected us to do.”

Watch the video below:

While their colleagues pursue impeachment calls, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), are avoiding impeachment discussions for now, as IJR Red reported.

Following Mueller’s first and seemingly last public press conference last week, the two Democratic leaders vowed to continue to “investigate and legislate to protect our elections and secure our democracy.” However, they didn’t cry out for impeachment, in stark contrast to other Democrats.

Nonetheless, the president doesn’t seem worried by the “dirty” impeachment calls, as he labeled the Russia investigation a “scam,” as IJR Red reported.

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  1. There is one funny thing going on here. All these SO CALLED POLLS have almost every dem in the lead. Incredible !! So if all of them are so popular why don’t they just impeach President Trump?? They have the people on their side ??? No ???? Over 50% of polled people like dems. There should be no trouble. BUT…….Something must be OFF SOMEWERE. COULD IT BE THE PHONY POLLS???

  2. Pelosi and Schummer, “the 2 democratic leaders vowed to continue to “investigate and legislate to protect our elections and secure our democracy.” BAWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! In the meantime they are trying to figure out how to make illegal immigrants legal to vote!!

  3. The Democrats have ruined this country with their constant blocking everything Trump has tried to accomplish, thank God it hasn’t deterred him, he has done more for this country than any president has done in decades and that is without the help of the radical left wing liberals, they haven’t done one good thing for the American taxpayers and believe we take a back seat to their illegal alien immigrants. Americans could do without them altogether. The witch hunt ended that they were sure would find collusion and or obstructionism and they will not believe Trump did nothing that impeachment would rectify. They really need to go after the Deep State participants, Obama, Clinton, CIA and the FBI, they are the crooked participants and absolutely need to be investigated!

  4. DemonCrats Have Nothing and most Importantly Nothing too Lose ! Losses

  5. this is what Democrats do to suck up to their fans. hell, there are still followers that swear Bush stole the election fm Gore with the help of SCOTUS. they are just A-holes with A-hole supporters. Americans should be pissed at them

  6. It’s fun to see the Dumbos in a dither. I hope they try for impeachment. C-Span will become the Comedy Channel.

  7. The leftists can’t stop now, it’s the only distraction big enough and popular enough with the media to interfere with what’s coming their way via AG Barr. I guess we’ll see if President Trump is the Git-‘r-done man I think he is. He has walked away from some of his endeavors, for his own reasons. Not this time, he enjoys the fight too much. The Democrat/progressive/leftists haven’t figured this out, and keep attacking him! The harder they fight, the more robust his counter. So, given what seems to be the nature of this long-public man is to WIN. Bragadocious as he was campaigning, he was honest about his intent, to win for America. So, Bigger fight, sweeter win. I am glad to be on his team fighting against the rotting corpse our government has become.

  8. It’s really amazing how dumb you Trump supporters are. Trump contacted Russia 140 times, sells his office, obstructs justice multiple times, lies about it, has a son in law who bought 666 5th Avenue, has 8 associates in jail (1 of whom is a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE), pays multiple women for sex, is friendly with a Prince who cuts people up into pieces, threatens to stop sharing Intelligence with the UK, and you see nothing wrong!

    1. Haha, you funny! Get your head out of the MSM toilet.

    2. How’s that MSNBC men’s room toilet water taste? Good grief, you lefties will believe anything!

    3. facts just facts something you obviously cant come up with.

    4. I would attempt to respond and explain where and why you’re way off base, but there ain’t no fixin’ stupid!!! 🙂

    5. You need to watch more Fox news Cameron! Also, please pray for truth. It’s easy to spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing if you so choose! John 3:16

    6. bwahahahah……”has a son in law who bought 666 5th Avenue” bwahaha. oh man you dems/libs are gone. you liberal half-wits will believe anything that’s anti-Trump. it’s sad that your party waisted over 30 million and 2 1/2 years on a fabricated crime with ZERO evidence. the dirtiest cop in the country James Comey pushed the Russian collusion effort for Democrats, now that Mueller has proven there was no collusion Comey will answer for his part in this treasonous act. Democrats however have colluded with Russia, Hillary has said so and so has Comey by using the bought and payed for by Democrats dossier for a FISA warrant. your party is so dirty, you have child molesters, rapist, woman beaters, racist and anti-semitic all of which are in the Senate and house right now, not to mention the average everyday Democrat.

  9. these demon-rats are so crazy, if they think the general public will go along with it. they all need to be tossed out, on their collective fat butts.

  10. Thank you Liz for speaking up, I have heard no support for our President from our elected RINO’S in Nebraska.

  11. It amazes how folks can continue to call Trump a “racist”. The man has employed people of all races in important positions in his administration; more so than any other administration. The part of the Mueller report that has to do with obstruction is already tainted. First, by standing before the public, making his supposed final comments and allowing he could not charge a sitting president with a crime. (You can bet your bottom dollar if there was hard evidence of a crime, no matter the crime, Mueller would have made the charge.). Second, by allowing one line of Flynn and Trump’s lawyer’s conversation to be redacted ”
    … information that is not confidential”. This line would exonerate any allegation of obstruction for this particular allegation and leaves one to wonder what else was redacted, not included in the Mueller report ghat would exonerate. Third, and probably most important, it appears that some initial 302’s have not been included in Mueller’s report. Instead, it appears Mueller’s team created new 302’s (handwritten by his staff and the content does not match that of the initial 302’s). If there is one place in Mueller’s report that has been redacted, stated to mislead the public, there are most likely others. We have yet to see the final investigation(s) conducted by the Barr team. If this investigation finds any wrongdoing on the part of anyone, including Mueller’s findings, in violation of any laws, stated to mislead, inaccurate, etc., his report should not stand up in a court.

    1. They’re just desperate people clutching at straws, Wanda. In the final analysis, they will lose and come off as the vacuous, irrational liberals they are.

  12. Thank you for this very informative video coverage!!

  13. It’ll give them something to do. There probably isn’t enough truly intelligent people in the Democratic…well, let me put it this way. If brains were dynamite, they wouldn’t have enough between them to blow their own noses. Just look at AOC, Talib, Kamala, the slut, Harris, Superman Corey. Pelosi looks and acts like she is drunk most of the time. Chuck Schumer doesn’t know who to please next…but it’s certainly not middle America. They are all a bunch of screw ups. So, let them impeach. The Senate will show them it wasn’t a good idea, and we will move on. Their own moderate voters are running from their party right now…and they aren’t smart enough to see it. Screw them. I am tired of hearing their crap.

  14. The report clearly stated NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION was found.

    In a LEGAL SYSTEM where INNOCENT until proven guilty exists evidence of an actual crime must exist (not just accusations) in order to proceed with punishing an individual when NO EVIDENCE of the crime is found this EXONERATES the accused of the crime they were accused of.

    Instead despite the fact that “COLLUSION” is not even codified as a crime and the ones who FAKED the DOSSIER used to start this entire thing turning on one another it is clear that there is NO VALID call for impeachment as proof of a HIGH CRIME or HIGH MISDEMEANOR has been committed must exist and the final report is clear there IS NO EVIDENCE of such being committed by Trump.

    Frankly the SANCTUARY states putting non citizens in office does more to give FOREIGN governments influence over our government than the dossier that has been proved a fake ever could have.

    1. It isn’t collusion that would be the grounds for impeachment. It is obstruction.
      Nice use of upper case words. Never would have figured out your message without them.

      1. Show me Where He Obstructed any thing! If anything He has had his staff cooperating every step of the way Mikey.

  15. Amazing as how liberals, in any political discussion, never fail to expose themselves as ignorant tools of the Democrat party. As we see here, for example.

  16. Cheney either didn’t read the Mueller report or she is counting on Republican laziness and stupidity to either not read the report and/or accept republican lies as gospel.

    1. Wow–LJP did you read the report? Maybe not or maybe you just cherry picked the parts you liked.

    2. Lies? Name some. Considering that no Democrat signed in to read Mueller’s report perhaps you and them should hide your hatred a little better. And THAT is what drives Democrat stupidity

      1. Here are some lies.
        Trump claimed he had nothing to do with Russia interfering in the election.
        Trump said he never told Comey to take it easy on Michael Flynn.
        Trump said he never discussed Flynn’s conversations with the Russians.
        Trump said he never told Don McGahn to fire Mueller.
        Trump said investigating him was treason.
        Trump said the U.S. has the best water and air in the world.
        Trump said he never called Meghan Markle nasty.
        Lies, lies, lies.

    3. I thought it was the Democrats that did not read the report when it was offered to do so.

    4. oh, so YOU read the report and were convinced that all the “attempted” and “tried to” anti-Trump nonsense was Real? so you assume that loser Mueller was correct even though he couldn’t find ANY COLLUSION? and Hillary was innocent? newsflash: this is how totalitarian governments are run: guilty until WE SAY SO. real Americans know better, amigo

  17. The main reason for the animosity against Trump is that he is a self-professed lying racist. Now while Trump supporters are not necessarily also lying racists, the fact that they support and admire these “qualities” gives me concern to their next generation, should they decide to propagate.

    1. Pretty amazing what the racist has done for the economic status of the minority groups in the country. What you see as racist, in trying to maintain the borders, we see as nationalism. Be American, law-abiding, willing to work, and you are welcomed in.

    2. sir i am interested to know just exactly you think our President has lied to the American people about he has at least tried if not done every thing he said he would do when he was running for President , which is more then the last people who were was in office before him had done and who cares about what he did or did,nt do before he was elected President of the United States we did not elect him because we thought he was an angel we elected him to clean up the mess that the other 4 administrations before him created and he has done exactly what we elected him for even though the Democrats have fought him at every turn he has done more since in office to better this Nation in the time he has been in office then all the other 4 President before him combined and when he gets elected for a 4 more years he will have this nation back where it needs to be when that term is up, He will go down in history as the best President we have had since George Washington but most Democrats wont accept it simply because he is Republican and they hate him which is a crook , a lot of people did not like your apparent hero Obama but we accepted his as president just of of respect because he was our elected President we never bad mouth him and even gave him a the benefit of hope that he would do what was right to better our lives which he failed miserably at but because he was President we never bad mouthed him as we felt it would be on american to do so but you people on the left have
      shown just how on american you are with your constant bad mouthing of our sitting President

    3. Have you been listening to CNN et al again? Or maybe Colbert or Bette Midler? If that’s where you get your “facts” perhaps it’s you who shouldn’t “propagate”.

    4. A true libtard idiot. The far left democRATs are into instant gratification without a care of the consequences. They do not seem to be able to think things through to a logical conclusion, and are surprised when things go so horribly wrong.

      1. Just a coincidence Trump decided not to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, right?

        Just a coincidence Trump’s advisor said to put a citizenship question on the 2020 Census to help “non-hispanic whites”.

        Just a coincidence Trump enjoys reading Hitler speeches at bedtime.

        1. Ahhhh, the Hitler reference, So Intelligent! The treasurery secretary suggested not changing the bill “at this time”; it’s not a simple process,. But hey, why miss a chance to cry “DAT racis!”. And, the citizenship census question us absolutely necessary! Why should a state like California enjoy the benefit of more congressional representatives/control over us because they ignore the law? Perhaps you didn’t know the census numbers are the basis for how many congressman a state is allowed; I’m not surprised. Just because illegal aliens (supposedly) don’t vote, it doesn’t mean they don’t get political power by padding the census.

    5. Racist, bigot and draft dodger. Give Don all the credit he deserves.

    6. As an educator in the public school sector, my concern for the next generation is the indoctrination of our students by the liberal left socialist/communists.

      1. How about the brain washing by every religion? Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon….That is a cause for concern.
        Allegations about the “liberal left socialist/communists” have been bantered about by experts like you for decades. Nothing new there.

  18. Nancy and Chuckie are gutless wonders. They know they don’t have a case and the facts they have are all BS. They just like to run their mouths. Nadler, Schiff and Cortez are leading the stupids. You Demorats needs to get after it or go to work. You’ll are fuil of BS and you know it.You’ll adn Demorats Swamp Rats.

      1. Are you sure you would know the truth? Exactly what have your truth tellers accomplished?

  19. Some grownups in the room, for a change. Dems are a farce.

  20. While Cheney is right that the Democrats are behaving irresponsibly, she’s ignoring the one fact, the one crime in the eyes of the Democrats, that is sufficient for impeachment and all that impeachment is about. Trump beat Clinton. Everything else is smokescreen and whitewash.

    1. There actually seems to be some democrats who are still under delusion that Hillary would be Trump’s replacement if only they can remove him from office.

      Despite the clear line of succession if for any reason the president is unable to perform his job that is in the US constitution this line of succession does not include the candidate who lost the Presidential election.

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