GOP Lawmaker Takes Dig at Dems and Some of His Own Who ‘Do Not Care’ to ‘Secure Our Border Now’

One Republican lawmaker has just about had it when it comes to his colleagues on securing the border, as he’s knocking congressional Democrats — as well as some of his fellow Republican colleagues — for their apparent inaction to fix the crisis.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) went off in numerous tweets that House Democrats and “far too many” Senate Republicans “choose hand-wringing to solutions” when it comes to the U.S.-Mexico immigration situation.

Roy recently blocked a disaster aid bill against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) move to “pass [the bill] by consent with no one in the room.”

“That bill was going to have $19 billion in it, unpaid for, and was not going to address the crisis that our country’s dealing with at the border that we’ve talked about many times over,” Roy said, as IJR Red previously reported.

During his tweet thread on Saturday, the Republican lawmaker noted that “if we want our communities to be safe we have to come to grips that this is not an ‘immigration’ problem but a security and cartel insurgency problem… that our asylum laws are being exploited and we must end it now.”

He bluntly said that congressional Democrats and some Republicans simply “do not care” about the border crisis, as they “view it as political theater and deny reality.”

Applauding President Donald Trump for making moves to address the situation at the southern border, Roy said the president is “right to leverage tools he has to combat this while Congress fiddles” — as he used the hashtag “Secure Our Border Now.”

Check out the thread below:

Late Friday, Trump ended his plan to place tariffs on Mexico and instead came to an agreement with the country on immigration. This will involve those who seek asylum to wait in Mexico through the adjudication, as well as Mexico deploying a militarized National Guard security force to the border on Monday.


  1. Sadly, only Mr. Roy, the Freedom Caucus and some Republican senators care about us. However, it’s the imbecile electorate, not the Marxists who deserve culpability. Did the “low information” voters really believe that empowering Pelosi and her Marxits with the House that they would do anything; except care about Americans. Of course, they are going to drag out hearings and keep the landmass open.
    I doubt it, but maybe the “low information” voters might have finally learned. But I doubt it.

    1. A “low information voter” would be one that was unaware that the House has passed 239 bills relating to a variety of topics the 2018 electorate cared about i.e., healthcare, px drug costs, election security, small business needs, veteran issues. A “low information voter” would be one that hears a talking point and repeats it without checking out the accuracy. A REALLY LOW information voter would not be aware that it was the Freedom Caucus that prevented Boehner from putting the bipartisan written and passed immigration legislation on the floor for a vote in the 114th Congress. A REALLY LOW information voter would not know John Boehner called FC hero Jim Jordan a “legislative terrorist.” Low Information voter sounds like YOU, Glen. If you can find IJR on the internet, you can find the Congressional record of bills.

  2. I feel that Texas is maybe one of several states deeply impacted by the migrant SURGE, and the rest of Congress needs to act more decisively in securing the border and “hosting” their share of the migrants.

  3. It might not be that they do not care, it might be there are just so many things that are way more important, Like messing up good connections with our allies and making friends with our enemies, that might just get us blown off the face of our part of the earth. The school shootings, the mass shootings where groups gather, so on and on, really need to clean house here badly, then worry about the borders

  4. How about helping Mexico build ‘The Wall’ on its Southern border with Guatemala. It’s a shorter distance, less cost and fewer at the U.S. border.

    1. The problem is that the Mexicans would have to assume responsibility. The Mexican Government so far, has failed miserably.

      1. The Mexican gvt has failed miserably at solving a US problem? WHY would Mexico assume responsibility for our problem? One moment Trumpers are Isolationist and the next they want Mexico to assume responsibility for OUR asylum problem that Trump made worse cutting off aid to Central American countries, China to assume responsibility for the NK nuclear threat, Japan to nominate DJT for a Nobel Peace Prize, and Russia to help you re-elect Trump through more “systemic election interference.” You folks are some weird kind of Isolationists. Other countries are to bow to your demands to assist us, but we are not helping anyone.

        1. Is the source of the problem in the US or Mexico? I don’t think the problem is that US citizens are entering Mexico illegally do you? So why shouldn’t Mexico engage on what is costing and causing so many problems people are coming from Mexico to the US illegally? And for the rest of your Bull Shit that doesn’t relate to our border problem. Your Messiah BHO didn’t address ANY of the other issues you bring up……in fact he made many of those things worse. Like giving Iran 1.7 BILLION in COLD CASH! Why? Because he was a weak tit…..a coward. Hope and Change my ass Phyllis!!!

    2. Obama gave Mexico millions of dollars to help secure their Southern border. Congress gave Clinton, bush,jr. and obama millions each to build a wall. No wall and where is the money?

  5. As a person working in the middle of this disaster I applaud both Senator Roy and President Trump. Pelosi, Schumer et al. Have had 40+ years to fix this situation and have not. It is almost treasonous to allow your country to be invaded and sit doing nothing!

  6. If you don’t fight, you don’t win. That’s why Trump is a good President. This guy, too, is at least fighting.

    1. He is very good at nicknames and chaos. If that is what you want in a POTUS, then I guess you would consider him a “good President.”

  7. Totally agree with Chip Roy. Wake up America!,

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