‘I Stand By It’: Chris Cuomo Doubles Down After Defending Antifa

CNN host, Chris Cuomo, doubled down on comments he made after the “Unite the Right Rally 2,” where he defended Antifa because “all punches are not equal morally.”

Cuomo also stated he was against people who showed up to the rally to just cause trouble and vandalism.

“You attack cops, you slap the media, you are in the wrong. Period,” he said. “But, I argue to you tonight all punches are not equal morally.”

Cuomo was confronted by Steve Cortes, a CNN political commentator, Wednesday evening.

The CNN host then accused Cortes of not watching the segment and only reading what his “writing mouthpieces” produced on sites like Breitbart.

“I said very clearly, and people can check my words, you break the law, you’re a criminal and a thug,” Cuomo said. “I said don’t create an immoral equation between those who preach hate and those who fight it because not all punches are equal.”

“And I stand by that,” he added.

Watch the video below:

“I’m not pro-Antifa, I don’t even know who makes up the organization,” Cuomo continued.

Cortes later pointed out that Cuomo compared the counter-protesters, which included large members of Antifa in Charlottesville last year, to the American troops storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day: 

Cuomo ended the segment by pointing out that he did not explicitly say Antifa fights hate.

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