Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon Skewer Tucker Carlson: ‘Is He Really Talking About Human Beings That Way?’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon took Tucker Carlson to task on Tuesday night over the immigration rhetoric that has lost the Fox News host a handful of advertisers in recent days.

“The Fox fear train ran into a familiar roadblock,” Cuomo said. “The same rancor that fuels their demonizing of migrants and drives their numbers also tends to turn off advertisers that turn ratings into revenue.”

Cuomo discussed a comment Carlson made on his show on Thursday when he referred to immigration as something that makes the country “poorer and dirtier.” As a result, a social media boycott campaign grew to encourage advertisers to withdraw from Carlson’s program.

“Is he really talking about human beings that way?” Cuomo asked before inviting Lemon to join him in discussing the topic.

Lemon expressed regret about criticizing Carlson but cited Fox News’ tendency to criticize CNN or MSNBC to justify his decision to weigh-in on Carlson’s current situation.

But despite his supposed reluctance to speak on the topic, Lemon didn’t hold back:

“For the most part, Tucker Carlson uses his platform to demonize immigrants almost on a nightly basis. To demonize this network almost on a nightly basis. To spread false information, misinformation, to spread the president’s lies, to cover the president’s back, to carry his water on a nightly basis.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

“We know the studies show that immigration has and continues to make this country a better, stronger, more productive, and vibrant country,” Lemon said.

“Diversity is our greatest strength, it always has been,” Cuomo added.

Cuomo also took issue with Lemon’s decision to refer to Carlson as a “colleague”:

“Yeah, I didn’t work with him. I don’t consider him my colleague. I think the Trump trio are in a different business than the one that I’m in. They have different tactics, they have different reasons for doing it, and they have different goals.

“So I don’t consider him a colleague,” Cuomo added.

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Before Cuomo and Lemon start berating Tucker Carlson, perhaps they should spend a week or two in Tijuana with the wonderful people that are trying to break into our country. Maybe a dose of reality, such as contracting a disease or getting mugged by a gangbanger would change their perspective. But I guess being members of the deep state, it’s easier to shout out your condemnation of someone speaking the truth, than it is to face cold, hard reality.





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