Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway Duke It Out in Lengthy Interview: ‘Your People Are Saying You Have to Go’

On Monday morning, in light of the weekend report from The New York Times — confirmed by Donald Trump Jr. — that the Trump campaign met with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have disinformation about Hillary Clinton, all eyes were on CNN’s “New Day,” as Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway sat for an interview with Chris Cuomo.

Conway interviews are often longer than the usual cable news segment, and this was no exception in that sense, but it was still an outlier, as the interview ended up running just under 35 minutes. No commercial breaks were taken, and Cuomo started pointing out that the White House press department was trying to get Conway to finish up about 20 minutes in.

While the story about the meeting with the Russian lawyer was ostensibly the main reason for having Conway on the show, Cuomo opened with President Donald Trump’s tweet saying he’s aware that working with Russia on cybersecurity can’t happen in spite of it being pushed heavily after he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The interview quickly devolved into them talking over each other, though both were able to get key points through:

  • Conway argued that the meeting Trump Jr. confirmed to the Times is not an issue because there was no legitimate information. Cuomo argued that taking the meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer for opposition research was the issue.
  • Conway repeatedly stated that CNN didn’t cover non-Russia Trump stories or other American issues such as the opioid addiction crisis. Cuomo gave examples of the stories being covered, including that he has produced an opioid addiction documentary that is set to air this fall.

One area where Conway stressed in particular that CNN’s coverage was lacking was the administration’s veterans programs.

“Why can’t you connect veterans with the information that they deserve?” she asked. “They now have a 24/7 hotline at the White House they can call,” she noted, stressing additional protections to whistleblowers in the Veterans Administration.

Cuomo did agree with a Trump quote that Conway cited about taking care of veterans.

A few minutes later, Cuomo tried to wrap up as producers in his earpiece were trying to get him to do so, saying that “your people are saying you have to go.”

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