Chris Cuomo Shuts Down Kellyanne Conway After She Says It’s a ‘Slur’ to Call Trump a Liar

Chris Cuomo interviewed Kellyanne Conway on Thursday and, as the two have done many times in the past, they quickly descended into a heated back and forth.

The two began the interview with smiles and Christmas pleasantries before immediately launching into an existential debate on the topic of what exactly constitutes a fact.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

But the interview came to a heated crescendo when Conway took issue with Cuomo’s use of the word “liar” to refer to the president.

“You took a shot at the president tonight,” Conway said. “You called him a slur I’m not going to repeat.”

Cuomo appeared dumbfounded and visibly confused by the allegation, asking the top Trump adviser to clarify what she meant.

“You’re saying he’s not telling the truth,” Conway said.

“He lies a lot, that’s a reality,” Cuomo shot back.

“That’s a slur,” Conway claimed.

“I am not going to take the president only at his word when he has a record of lying about these things,” Cuomo answered. “He said he didn’t know about the Stormy Daniels payment, he said that the guy was just a PR agent, then he says he’s his lawyer, then he says nothing happened, then we have the tape with his voice on it.”

“I mean, the facts are overwhelming,” he added.

Conway’s own husband seems to agree with Cuomo’s assessment of the president, writing in a late Thursday tweet that the president’s word is not as reliable as the world of federal prosecutors.

“Why should we take his word over that of federal prosecutors,” Conway asked.

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For those who accuse Kellyanne and the President of lying. Prove it or at least provide examples.

As far as Fredo Cuomo I could accuse him of eating library paste. Am I lying or not.

He’s weak and stupid. Don’t go out fishing Fredo.


Used to watch Cuomo early in his career on Fox Files.
Now he is just another annoying voice. Too bad.

Marcalynn Schechter

Again his fans and Conway is still his biggest one, will back him no matter what. She will continue to present” alternate facts” to defend and deflect from reality.


Kellyanne is there to talk lots, say nothing, and redirect the conversation away from the president. That’s what she did.





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