Chris Cuomo Says ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Mock People Who Lose Loved Ones in Shootings

CNN’s Chris Cuomo had harsh words on Thursday for those responding to the latest mass shooting in America with just “thoughts and prayers,” saying that doing so mocks those who lost loved ones in the shooting.

“In California, we just had a historic shooting,” Cuomo explained. “It was the worst mass shooting — in a week.”

Cuomo referred to the frequency of mass shootings in the country as “our new normal,” as he recounted seeing family members speak on television about losing their loved ones.

The anchor also criticized frequent refrains from the National Rifle Association in the wake of similar tragedies. “And if you push any of their tendencies on this, you will get the ugliest side of political discourse imaginable,” he said of the group.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

“Can we do better than this?” Cuomo asked. “You know the answer is ‘Yes.’ You know the damn answer is yes, so why don’t we?”

Cuomo called the offering of thoughts and prayers after a shooting, “a canard,” claiming that it actually mocks the families and friends who lost loved ones.

“The only consensus there is is in a canard. And here it is: ‘First, I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers.’ Because that’s what you do when offer thoughts and prayers, you mock those who lost loved ones. Because if you gave it any thought at all, you would never walk away from any of these without figuring out a better way to deal with it.”

“And prayer?” he added. “You think leaving it to God is the answer?”

Cuomo offered the hypothetical scenario of a stadium full of children holding puppies being shot, saying that it’s no more ridiculous than doing nothing after repeated mass shootings in America.

“You know the answer to the question that matters — we can do better. And we all have to live with doing nothing,” Cuomo said. “And the next time is coming. And more and more, you, me, our leaders — we’re all becoming part of the problem.”

“Think and pray on that,” he added.

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Rocky Drummond

Using “thoughts and prayers” is just a safe way for the disinterested to avoid a problem, a trope to escape dealing with an issue. We need to resolve the gun death tragedy, but under current circumstances, we won’t. There are 17 newly elected politicians who promised that they would deal with it. Let’s see what they are able to accomplish.

I. Chin

…because straight up mocking them is TOO direct. Right Fredo?

You imply that mockery is a bad thing. How about exploiting them for your own political narrative. Where’s that fall on your “moral” spectrum?

Maybe you’d prefer we ignore them, like we normally ignore you.

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