MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Who Can Say There’s No Connection to Synagogue Shooting and Trump’s Rhetoric?

As the nation continues to heal after the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, some in the media continued to ask or accuse President Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the murder spree.

On Monday night, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked whether anyone can truly say Trump’s rhetoric on the migrant caravan did not affect the shooter who killed 11 American-Jews.

“I have been struck in recent days, long before the horror of this weekend in Pittsburgh, by how Jewish people have been affected by the negative attitudes towards immigration,” Matthews said.

Matthews proceeded to tell the story of a man confronting him at an airport in St. Louis, telling him to “think about the St. Louis, that ship carrying over 900 jewish refugees that was refused admission here in the United States in 1939 on the eve of WWII.”

He said the man did not make a connection to the ship and Trump’s remarks on the caravan, but “he didn’t have to” because it was clear.

“No one can safely assert a connection between the preaching of an American president against migrants of Central America and Saturday’s killings by a man who spoke maniacally of how Jewish people were aiding ‘invaders,'” Matthews continued. “That was his word. But then who can say there was no connection?”

Watch the video below:

Matthews is not alone in the media on trying to connect Trump’s words on certain issues to the actions of the shooting on Saturday.

On Monday, GQ magazine writer Julia Ioffe said during a panel on CNN that Trump had “radicalized so many more people than ISIS did.”

After being heavily criticized on social media, Ioffe said she made the remark in the heat of moment:

“I will add, though, that it is not a coincidence that the number of anti-Semitic attacks has jumped nearly 60% in 2017—the biggest one-year increase in recent history—while this administration has systematically pulled back resources from countering domestic extremism,” she added.