Chris Wallace Gives a Little Insight Into How He Plans to Moderate the Hillary-Trump Debate

After it was announced that Fox’s Chris Wallace (“Fox News Sunday”) would be moderating one of the presidential debates between Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump, Wallace’s colleague Howard Kurtz sat him down for a few questions.

The main question Kurtz posed to Wallace: “What do you do if you catch one of the candidates in a lie? Do you stop them?”

Wallace — as Mediaite noted — has never shied away from the hard questions when he has the candidates on his show and said he’d likely opt to stay out of it:

“That’s not my job. I do not believe that it’s my job to be a truth squad. It’s up to the other person to catch them on that.

I view it as kind of like being a referee in a heavyweight championship fight. If it succeeds, after it’s over people will say, ‘You did a great job. I don’t even remember you being on the stage.'”

There are some who would take issue with Wallace’s position:

But some pointed out that Wallace might be right:

And that Americans tend to get angry when moderators insert themselves into the debate:

Especially when their “fact-checks” happen to be wrong:

In spite of the varying opinions currently being aired on social media, Wallace’s position lines up with the traditional job description of a “debate moderator“: “The moderator acts as a neutral party who maintains the focus of the debate and ensures equal time for responses.”

What do you think?

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