Chuck Schumer Calls Trump’s North Korea Stroll ‘One of the Worst Few Days in American Foreign Policy’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speaks to the media ahead of a possible partial government shut down in Washington, U.S., December 20, 2018. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

President Trump is bragging of his brief trip into North Korea as massive foreign policy accomplishment. But not everybody seems to agree that the stroll into North Korea was the overwhelming victory that Trump tried to paint it as.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed Trump’s DMZ meeting with Kim Jong-un on Monday night, calling it “one of the worst few days in American foreign policy, in American diplomatic history in a long time.”

When asked to explain his stance, Schumer told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “praising dictators, messing up foreign policy left and right.”

“What he did in North Korea, giving Kim Jong-un just what he wanted, calling him a friend, patting him on the back and getting nothing, absolutely nothing, in return,” he added. “North Korea is still nuclear.”

Schumer went on to say “they have ICBMs, they have more nuclear bombs than they’ve had in the past. They are a danger to the United States, and he pats the guy on the back and gets nothing in return. His foreign policy is erratic; it’s done for the moment so he can get his little ego hit.”

Here’s a clip of that exchange:

Negotiations with the North Koreans failed at a recent talk in Vietnam, and the nation appears to be still armed with nuclear weapons; even if their ability to send those weapons into the mainland United States has been doubted at times.

The most recent meeting between Trump and Kim appears to be more a spur-of-the-moment summit that didn’t include any substantial talks about denuclearization, even if it did signal goodwill.

Trump insisted that his meeting with dictator Kim Jong-un was a massive foreign policy achievement and that President Obama was “begging” for such a meeting. But former Obama officials said that Trump’s predecessor never seemed overly eager to meet Kim.

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Allen Zabel

Hey Chuckie, you moron.
Your policies have never worked and now, you have nothing else, that to criticize someone who has balls.
BTW If your looking for someone’s member to suck, like Barack?
I hear that Michelle, has a nice one for you to munch on.


Don’t even the liberals tire of his hair plugs and bifocals? Oh yes, and his yammering and lying about President Trump? With all the scrutiny and supposition the liberals have put him through…..still nothing.


Chuckles talks like he HAS a foreign policy. Too bad he’s just a congress critter with no way to implement one if he did.

Chuckles is also historically ignorant of the US working/negotiating with tyrants and despots:
Ben Franklin persuaded Louis XVI to aid us during the Revolution. Had he not we’d still be a British colony.
Jefferson negotiated the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon.
FDR and Churchill formed an alliance with Stalin.
Reagan and George H.W. Bush persuaded Gorbachev to initiate glasnost and perestroika.

Chuckles is just sucking sour grapes that the Bad Orange Man is doing things #44 never had the balls to do.

Allen Zabel

Jealous, that Trump actually has some balls, eh Chuckie?
Obama would have been on his knees, mouth open for use.


Old Chuckie flapping his gums again since Trump has been able to accomplish that which NO other POTUS has even tried. Like his half-brother – Barry Hussein – Chuckie should go crawl in a hole somewhere and close it behind him.





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