Top Dem Claims Trump Is Using Border Crisis as a ‘Political Prop,’ Only Wants to Further a Political Agenda

Democratic Policy and Communications Committee Chairman Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) claimed that President Donald Trump is using the border crisis as a “political prop.”

As IJR previously reported, there are hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring over the southern border of the United States, with as many as 144,278 being apprehended in the month of May alone.

This influx of migrants has overwhelmed the facilities used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), forcing Border Patrol agents to release migrants into the country on their own recognizance to return for an asylum court date that could be years away due to the volume of cases.

President Trump has been sounding the alarm about this problem since taking office. His battle for a border wall prompted the longest ever partial government shutdown, which only ended upon his decision to declare a national emergency to fund the border wall.

The president also recently threatened hefty tariffs on Mexican goods as a way to force Mexican officials to the table on immigration. The two parties came to an agreement on Friday evening whereby Trump will drop the tariffs and Mexico will send around 6,000 troops to its southern border to prevent Central Americans from traveling through the country.

Despite all of the efforts Trump has made — with little help from Congress — to stop the flow of migrants into the United States, Cicilline still believes that Trump is only using the crisis as a “political prop,” rather than a crisis he wants to solve.

During an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Cicilline told guest anchor Bret Baier that he doesn’t believe Trump understands the crisis.

Watch Cicilline’s interview:

“We ought to honor that [asylum] system. They reflect our values as a country, but we ought to make sure it’s being done expeditiously and that people are not gaming the system, of course, but we need comprehensive immigration reform. We need to devote more resources to it, but we need a president who understands the complexity of the problem and stops using this issue as a political prop to advance a political agenda.”

Cicilline noted that Democrats are considering increasing funding to address the shortage of judges and immigration attorneys at the border and foreign aid to Central America, but it isn’t clear what other ideas his party— or Congress in general — has brought to the table in an actionable way.


  1. Trumps a dope. What a big win with Mexico. They hate America and only want to use the crap out of us. Soak us for every penny. Their whole economy is based on our cash. Useless sacks of garbage infiltrated this country for 50 years. Now it’s the sacks of crap south of Mexico’s turn. If Trump really thinks they’re going to stick to the deal he had nothing to do with, he’s dumber than I thought. Stupid dope has full authority to end this mess on his own as the executive branch. He doesn’t need congress to change any laws. The laws in place are already unconstitutional and unchallenged. He has constitutional authority over immigration. Period!!! Liar in Chief.

    1. Yeah, Trump should be more like Obama. Maybe give the cartels more guns, and do nothing else about Mexico

  2. I think it’s about time for the Trumpers to realize that their leader doesn’t know anything about anything, and that he leads for anything that will make him feel adequate. Good luck, Donnie: three wives and two hookers couldn’t do it, so couldn’t three androids that you raised. Make America Gag Again!

    1. don’t forget-Pres. Trump probably got a C grade or worse some time in his high school or college career, so that, too, carries as much weight in his worth as a Pres as his history with wives and unproven stories with hookers…try to make some cogent remarks please…stop with the totally unrelated personal attacks…stay on point…tell me which issues he has been wrong on…then you can have milk and cookies…

    2. Paul, you and Sparky are both idiots, harping on things that you never before cared about when Dems did the same things (Bill Clinton, Kennedy’s, etc.), and apparently you guys missed the FACT that border security was the biggest reason Trump got elected (next to the fact that he had the advantage of running against Hillary).
      Trump wants the wall because he knows republicans want the wall, and he knows it will help the border patrol and help the country, and get him reelected. YOUR SIDE is only AGAINST the wall because he is for it. Right up until Trump started campaigning on securing the border, all prominent Dems were also for the securing the border. You should see the chart, the numbers of Dems paralleled republicans, only slightly lower. Almost instantly, Dem numbers supporting dropped like a rock. You Dems don’t care about National Security, it’s all political for the leaders, and you lemmings follow.

    1. So you are amused when you are played for fools, just don’t care for anyone pointing it out? Interesting.

      1. Syphyllis. Still knows zero after 200 years of afterlife.

  3. He’s using it to protect America, unlike the Democrats who want illegals to enter illegally (against our constitution) for the votes, giving them free medical care who haven’t done anything for our country. But with AOC proposing funds for research on Magic Mushrooms, this justifies that the Democrats want illegals in so they can get their drugs. Yes, by the way they are acting and not doing their job, they are most likely on drugs.

    1. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Clown thinks complementing scum bag Mexico sounds good. Invading that sh*thole and eliminating the 3rd grade educated drug smugglers is what should happen.

      1. Like that would go over well with your fellow democrats in DC!!!!

  4. The left always accuses others of what they are doing. This is a case in point.

  5. People is using our asylum system as a political tool. It’s not President Trump’s fault that top Democrats and left leaders are using this as a way to get more people into the country in order to gain more votes later on or just add more pressure to the President. Nobody seems to take into consideration our country needs. More illegal immigrants won’t bring any improvements or assets to our economy, but more burden to our social services system, more welfare checks. What are they providing to our country?

  6. Isn’t that what the Dummocrats are doing..????? to catch more illegals for voting in 2020????and further???? Talk about calling the kettle black…..they first came up with that idea……for their agenda, and blaming Trump????

  7. CICILLINE is a brain dead idiot and enemy of the state who needs to be taken out of office in handcuffs…

  8. TOTAL, Complete, absolute Brainless, Bottomless is David Ciciline. “Tragic” is what the USA Congress has become. A big group of MARXISTS ushering in Communism as state government.

  9. Baloney! The crisis is real and the Dumbocrats are the ones using it as a political ploy.

  10. i knew top liberals were stupid but i didn’t know they were blind also

    1. Not blind or stupid. They see the illegals as a million extra votes a year. It’s all calculated.

  11. Truly their must be something wrong mentally with Democrats, also known now at the alt-Left, to think the way they do. They are so out of touch with reality, and project their very own actions and failings on Republicans with such regularity, that one can only conclude that they are mentally defective. The accusations they level against Conservatives, are made with absolutely no corroborating facts or evidence what so ever, and that includes the accusations like “homophobe”, or “bigot”. These mentally ill radicals, some who are in the Senate and Congress, use these words with such frequency, and misapplied them so often, that the words themselves have become utterly meaningless.

    1. Right back at you ~ also known as the alt-Right, to think the way you do. You are so out of touch with reality, same as your president! One can only conclude that you are mentally defective. That’s enough of mirroring what you said, I think you get the picture. Or do you?

      1. This is the typical response from a ‘Leftest’ … 1st – Deflect, 2nd – Blame the other side, 3rd – Call names. I would seriously like to know, is this something you have been taught or is this the way you have been all your life?

      2. Is that all you have, mirroring what someone says. That’s something a child does. You, like the rest of the Democrats, have nothing constructive to add. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

  12. Solve the problem of illegal immigration Dems. First it’s no crisis, now it’s a crisis as a political prop. You are the most schizophrenic group of politicians in the history of this country. The Dems still cannot get over 2016. We’ll get ready dumb Dems, you r gonna lose in 2020. I forsee some bridge jumping.

  13. Typical Dem BS. 180 degrees from fact. Does any “thinking” citizen believe it is Trump using the border problems as a political prop? That it’s not the Dems refusing to solve the problems? Attempting to spin the fault to Republicans and Trump is absurd.

  14. Helloooooo! Ya Think, That’s because YOU (expletive not included to maintain the nonexistent Obama Civility Program) wont get off your Elitist Butts and work for the US instead of your Legal voter base.

  15. They must to keep their certainty accuse
    All that are different of a base intent;
    Pull down established honor; hawk for news
    Whatever their loose fantasy invent
    And murmur it with bated breath, as though
    The abounding gutter had been Helicon
    Or calumny song.

    From ” Leaders of the Crowd ”
    William Butler Yeats ( 1921 )

  16. I saw him yesterday and didn’t listen too long. He he a hate filled, single thought, aggressive man. All this border talk is BS. He just wants Trump gone.

  17. Democrats don’t recognize what DOING YOUR JOB looks like. ?

  18. Democrats are a bunch of lying, self-important scumbags. Go down to the border in any border state and see for yourself. These a s s h o l e s HOPE Americans continue to drink their liberal koolaid while our country continues to be invaded by illegal aliens.

  19. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!!

  20. Now here’s another politician who has lied so much that he believes them. He talks in circle regurgitating what every other liberal says. 2020 can’t come soon enough to get rid of these worthless politicians. Trump has upset their future in politics.

  21. I notice none of the demonazis have gone anywhere near the border. How can they say it’s not real if they haven’t gone there? Using a crystal ball?

  22. Just another Democrat idiot trying to stand in the way of making the country a better place for all Americans and legal residents. President Trump is just trying to give the American people what they elected him to do. Secure our boarders. But doing so dosent fit the liberal agenda so they do all they can to block him.
    As for President Trump not having anything else to do, Check the economy. It’s better then any liberal President ever gave us. And not bad for having to dig out from the hole that was left to him.

  23. The Democommies are creating that crisis to change the demographics and politics of the country as a whole. More parasites, bigger government. more power to the government and themselves. When I was in the Marine, Corps in ‘Nam, I became able to identify our enemies. I can also do so now. Cicilline is clearly one of them.

  24. Ciccline is malignant. Every time he opens his mouth…he’s lying. Just another hatefilled liberal democrat socialist communist. No solutions. No ideas. Nothing to help, improve or save America or his constituency. Just lies.
    Who doesn’t already know that?

  25. Democratic Policy and Communications Committee Chairman Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) claimed that President Donald Trump is using the border crisis as a “political prop.” article

    Of course he is! King Donald The Loser hasn’t got anything else happening, so he needs something to rile up his sucker base. He needs to keep his con moving along.

    David Cicilline isn’t confused by the King.

    1. Typical: you agree with any-/everything this talking squash says, while ignoring the fact that he’s using the entire situstion as his own political play for power and advancement! Rule of Thumb for Democrats: whatever I am saying/doing/complaining about, I’m actually doing that very same thing 100X WORSE…!

    2. Double down! Entertaining to watch you wallow in your own, hateful shit. But at the same time, sad. Like unexpectedly forced to watch a suicide.

    3. General Confusion ,,,, How’s that View from up your back side moron ?? How about getting out of your mother’s basement and visiting one of the border states to see first hand the crisis there ???

    4. “King Donald the Loser”? Your argument and name calling are not very persuasive.

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