Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith Might Make History in Mississippi: Here Is the Quick Guide to This Senate Hopeful

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The 2018 midterm elections will determine which party will be in the majority, and they could have an effect on what laws will be passed in the future.

In the Senate, there are 35 seats up for grabs. However, in Mississippi, there is a special election due to former Sen. Thad Cochran retiring because of health issues.

Cindy Hyde-Smith has been serving in Cochran’s place until the election and has been endorsed by President Donald Trump. Hyde-Smith is running to retain the seat and is polling as likely to win.

Here are some facts that you may not know about this Republican:

She used to be a Democrat.

Although the senator’s voting record has been consistently conservative, Hyde-Smith served for 10 years on the Mississippi state Senate as a Democrat.

According to state Sen. Billy Hudson in an interview with Mississippi Today, even though she was considered to be a Democrat, she voted conservative many times.

“She voted as conservative — or more so — than me (in the state Senate),” Hudson said. “I never thought of her as a Democrat or a moderate or a liberal. And her record proves that. Her record bears that out.”

Hyde-Smith has been attacked for her past despite her conservative voting record.

Her opponents have continually questioned her past, claiming that she still holds to Democratic beliefs. Republican candidate Chris McDaniel even ran a campaign ad that claimed Hyde-Smith voted for Hillary Clinton.

However, Hyde-Smith has fiercely denied these allegations.

“The biggest lie Chris McDaniel has ever told is that I voted for Hillary Clinton,” Hyde-Smith said. “I never voted for Hillary Clinton. I never voted for Barack Obama.”

The Senate candidate has been a consistent Trump supporter and has supported major conservative policies such as the 2017 tax bill.

She would be the first woman elected to represent Mississippi in the Senate.

If Hyde-Smith is elected to the Senate, she will become the first woman the state of Mississippi has elected to Congress. Yet the candidate has chosen not the focus on the fact she may make history, telling Mississippi Today that “this is not all about Cindy.”

Trump has endorsed her.

Watch the video below:

According to FiveThirtyEight, Hyde-Smith has an 87.5 percent chance of winning the election. While she will most likely make history, Hyde-Smith hopes to focus on important issues.

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