Kellyanne Conway Asks CNN Host to Point out Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine Call

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway asked host Dana Bash to point out where, in the transcript of the phone between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, there was a quid-pro-quo.

Bash opened the segment by asking if it was inappropriate for Trump to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival, “The President of the United States asked a foreign power to investigate a top political rival. We read it in the summary of the July 25th call. We also saw him do it in public. Was that appropriate?”

Conway responded by asking Bash to circle where in the transcript a quid pro quo took place, “Well, I have the transcript of the call right here, and I’d like you to show me where that is. And you can circle where there’s a quid pro quo.”

Watch the exchange below:

She continued to say that the phone call was not inappropriate because there was no mention of military aid or the 2020 presidential election, “The Ukrainian president has said he didn’t realize any aid was being held up, quote, he felt no pressure.”

When Bash read a portion of the transcript, where Trump asked Zelensky to look into an incident where former Vice President Joe Biden pressured Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor, Conway argued that the president was trying to investigate alleged corruption by a sitting vice president:

“I have to push back on all of that. First of all, look at what he asked him to do. He asked him to investigate what happened when Joe Biden as vice president of the United States, Dana, stopped the prosecution of a company where his son, who as his son has admitted, only got the jobs and contracts because of his last name.”

Conway also pushed back on Bash saying that Biden is Trump’s leading political rival, “And respectfully, Joe Biden is not his main political rival. Joe Biden was in Iowa yesterday and said he was in Ohio.”

When asked why the president devotes so much time and sends out so many tweets attacking Biden, Conway responded: “He tweets about a lot of things.”

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Too bad Dash wouldnt shut up and let her guest speak.


The ONLY quid prop quo was when the Sleepy Creep (Biden) was shaking down the President of Ukraine to keep his idiot son from being investigated. I’m really surprised Biden knew where he was at the time given his ongoing bout with senile dementia. OR, maybe it’s just plain stupidity.

General Confusion

“That’s where 90% of a “quid pro quo” is verbalized, and the remaining 10% is to be inferred by the audience.” Michael

IJR silently fixed their typo. You are welcome, IJR.

General Confusion

“Qui Pro Quo”?





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