Claire McCaskill’s Tweets Proved She Actually Did Meet Russian Ambassador — Now There Are Pictures…

From the day President Donald Trump announced that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was his choice for Attorney General, the Democrats pulled out all the stops to prevent his confirmation.

But now that he’s been confirmed, they are pushing back again — this time, saying that because Sessions met with the Russians, he should resign his post:

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) took it a step further, claiming that she had never met with the Russian Ambassador:

But critics quickly reminded her that the internet is forever:

And then Fox News’ Bret Baier shared a photo of Senator McCaskill and the Russian Ambassador in the same room:

McCaskill explained the apparent contradiction by saying that she had only meant that she had never met with the Ambassador one-on-one:

And some suggested that she could have worded her tweets better:

Attorney General Sessions has said that he would consider recusing himself during any DOJ investigation into his meetings with the Russians.

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