‘Scared’ College Kids Make List of Demands When They Learn Cops Will Be Sleeping on Campus for RNC

When some students at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University apparently think of cops, they might have these guys in mind:

Image Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Image Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Not these guys:


So when Case Reserve students found out that 1,900 police and national guard members from out of town would be staying in dorms on the campus to provide security for the Republican National Convention, they quickly made up a list of demands of the “riot police” on a Change.org petition:

  • Riot police store all weapons, equipment, and riot-control gear off campus;
  • Riot police refrain from entering University-owned buildings, with the exception of their assigned residence halls;
  • The University informs riot police that they do not have jurisdiction on campus and that they shall contact campus police in case of emergency;
  • Riot police refrain from using alcohol or other mind-altering substances for the duration of their stay;
  • Riot police expressly consent to abide by University conduct regulations including, but not limited to: antidiscrimination, sexual harassment, substance abuse, and weapons policies

Cleveland.com reports that students also demanded to be given another place to sleep and take classes. They claimed they didn’t want to mingle with the cops on campus out of “fear for their safety.”

Over 400 (and counting) have signed the petition.

One commenter on the petition said she was concerned that cops would hurt students:

“I am scared and concerned for students of color, queer* and trans* students and all university community members at the mercy of an arbitrarily expanded police force without clear oversight or attachment to the community. Please, protect CWRU as a safe space for all bodies.”

Another student commented that simply having officers sleeping nearby was a “trigger”:

“The mere presence of these officers on campus is an insult and could serve as a trigger for many painful memories of trauma inflicted by militarized police on community members and . This is a slap in the face to both community members and minority/marginalized students. Having them on campus period is unacceptable.”

Another person wrote:

“My sister goes to Case, and though she’s not there for the summer, many of her friends are. They should not be put in danger because of supposed protections for those gathering at the RNC. Given all the resources, the police have, I’m surprised they have to infiltrate a college campus in the summer for housing.”

The Blaze reports that counseling services and “safe spaces” are being provided for students traumatized by the presence of police officers.

The campus president has issued an apology to students and moved classes off-campus during the week of the Republican convention.

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