Clinton Thinks 2016 Election Was ‘Stolen’ From Her as She Guides Dems on What to Expect in 2020

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Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton brought up a new reason to blame for her loss in the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton refuses to back down from her defeat by President Donald Trump, as she told the crowd during Saturday’s “Evening with the Clintons” in Los Angeles that she thinks the election was stolen from her.

The Clintons’ 13-city speaking tour isn’t seeing the best results, as ticket prices plummeted to as low as $20 and the highest priced seats dropped 54 percent to $829.

The former first lady is using her experience running in a presidential election to tell 2020 Democratic candidates what to expect in the upcoming presidential race.

“You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s comments follow shortly after special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report was released, which did not conclude collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Russian government.

“The Mueller report could not be clearer, the Russians interfered in our election and Trump obstructed justice,” Clinton also claimed during Saturday’s event.

Watch the video below:

The former Democratic candidate has placed the blame for her defeat in 2016 on other factors, as she previously blamed voter suppression in Wisconsin polls for her loss, as IJR Red previously reported. She was slapped with “four Pinocchios” by The Washington Post for being “wrong on multiple levels.”

Clinton isn’t running in 2020, but she’s looking to curb Trump from reelection as she meets with 2020 Democratic candidates — suggesting the election could be “stolen” from them.

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The demoncraps are showing just how desperate they are by looking to a two time loser for advice on how to run for president.


Stolen, lol. If she wasn’t such an overconfident slime ball, she might have had a chance at winning.

General Confusion

Entitled people are entitled.

“The former Democratic candidate has placed the blame for her defeat in 2016 on other factors” IJR

Other than herself? If Clinton does foremost blame herself, then she is confused.


Remember that time Hillary asked Trump if he’d accept the election results?

How ironic that proved in light of her constant excuses, her denial, and the efforts of the Dims.


At this stage of the game I can only conclude that hell will freeze over before this drunken closet case ever admits she lost because she was actually the crappier choice.


Time for Clinton to take responsibility and go away. How did we end up with two if the biggest whiners running for president at the same time?





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