Former Clinton Aide Says Biden Is a Repeat Offender of Using ‘Gendered Language’

A former aide to Hillary Clinton said on Monday that former Vice President Joe Biden has a problem with using “somewhat gendered language.”

During an interview on “CNN Newsroom,” Jess McIntosh, a former director of communications for Clinton’s presidential campaign, said Biden’s comment calling fellow presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “angry” was gendered.

“When you call a woman angry, it’s pretty obvious how people are going to take that, and Joe Biden has had a number of issues in using somewhat gendered language when talking about his Democratic rivals.”

Watch her comments below:

McIntosh also noted a moment in the fourth Democratic presidential debate when Biden said he helped get the votes to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

“I think every woman watching saw that and recognized that moment from their own workplace lives. This is not unfamiliar to us, that’s why it’s a problem for Joe Biden.”

She continued to call for a candidate who better understands the challenges women face in the workplace, “We really need to see a nominee who gets it and continued comments like this over and over again really make us nervous.”

When asked about Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s (D-Minn.) comments on Sunday, where she questioned if Mayor of South Bend, Ind., Pete Buttigieg (D) would be in the race if he were a woman, McIntosh said the timing of comments was “probably unfortunate” but argued that Klobuchar’s remarks were not sexist.

“That interview right there showed the challenges that women have to overcome when they’re trying to point out a double standard. Nobody is saying that Pete Buttigieg should not be on the debate stage. What she was saying is that sexism prevents us from recognizing the same potential and talent in a woman. That’s all.”

Biden has been repeatedly accused of making sexist comments about his fellow presidential candidates. 

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