Clinton Claims Trump Has Turned US Foreign Policy Into a ‘Cheap Extortion Racket’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused President Donald Trump of turning U.S. foreign policy into a “cheap extortion racket” amid calls for his impeachment.

President Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry from House Democrats under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). The foundation of this impeachment inquiry is a series of calls between Ukrainian leadership and President Trump. A whistleblower has accused the president of withholding military aid from Ukraine in return for dirt on 2020 candidate Joe Biden regarding business dealings with his son, Hunter Biden.

Clinton, meanwhile, has been on a book tour celebrating the pending release of a new book by her and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

During a speech at Georgetown University on Friday, Clinton discussed her thoughts on Trump’s impeachment battle for the first time publically.

She claimed Trump has turned U.S. foreign policy into a “cheap extortion racket.”

Watch Clinton’s remarks below:

“We all know that [Pelosi] has just announced the opening of an impeachment inquiry into the president on the basis of evidence that he betrayed his oath of office to uphold the Constitution and protect and defend our country. He has turned American diplomacy into a cheap extortion racket. He has denigrated and — let’s be honest — stabbed in the back the career foreign service officers who serve bravely and selflessly, no matter the politics of the administration that they are working under. And now they are caught in the crossfire.”

Clinton went onto say that Americans have always “known” that Trump was a “corrupt businessman who cheated people,” but noted that this time is different because it is coming from the office of the president.

“Now we know that in the course of his duties as president, he’s endangered us all by putting his personal and political interests ahead of the interests of the Ameican people,” said Clinton.

This is not the first harsh comment she’s had for the president this week. As IJR previously reported, Clinton claimed losing to Trump was like losing to a “corrupt, human tornado.”

While Clinton had a lot to say about the allegations against President Trump, she has faced corruptions allegations related to foreign policy herself, including the roles she played in the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, and her Uranium One deal with Russia.


  1. “let’s be honest — stabbed in the back the career foreign service officers who serve bravely and selflessly,” She must be talking about Obama and herself when they abandoned an ambassador and 36 others in Benghazi. Perhaps her mind is failing.

  2. Standard liberal democrat socialists default setting: Camouflage your crimes 180 degrees by blameing others for doing exactly that crime. Frustrate any investigation. Common Clinton move. We learned it from them. “It was Trump & the Russians!” It depends on what “is” is.

  3. The nerve of this delusional b@$&@ to talk about corruption when she’s the poster child for corruption! There’s a long list of crimes Hill and Bill have committed and due to the swamp they’re walking free. It takes a special idiot to believe her lies.

  4. How about the big lie on Trump you had doctor up so you could win the election and you didn’t still bitter on a election you thought you rigged

  5. Hillary Clinton you have no right to accuse anyone of anything except yourself how about the millions you took in on your Clinton Foundation Libya where 7 Americans lost their lives remember your saying ( what difference does it make ) it made a difference to their families 7 lives took over the gold that was disappearing in Libya and our embassies was going to blow the lid on it you should be in prison

  6. This piano legged “she/he/it” lying sack of chit should be silenced.

    1. I am confused, Denis.

      Are you the one who will “silence” her?

  7. The Genitally Confused One: “The 68,000 State Department employess won’t be confused about who not to vote for when the next election comes around.”

    Remind me of why we should care??? 99.99% of DC metropolitan residents, as well as gubmint employees vote Democrat by reflex.

    1. “Remind me of why we should care?” Unhung Chad

      Maybe because King Donald The Loser only won the last election by about 78,000 votes and is already under water? What does that remind you of, Grade 1 math class?

  8. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused President Donald Trump of turning U.S. foreign policy into a “cheap extortion racket”

    NO ONE has accused Trump of doing this for financial gain. Not so, for the former Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation and her husband slick Willie who enriched themselves to the tune of hundreds of millions.

    1. “NO ONE has accused Trump of doing this for financial gain.” Mark Simmons

      You are confused, Mark.

      King Donald The Loser likely will be accused of accepting something of value (oppo research on an opponent) from a foreign government for personal political gain and THAT is quite illegal! He pretty much has admitted to it in the memorandum just released.

      Nobody ever said that he was a “very stable genius” (oh, except him).

  9. The Hillarrhoid should be the last person to talk about foreign policy. During the Obamanation, she and her boss sold out America again and again. Tell us again about the fake dossier on Trump that you paid for Hillary. Tell us again how Obama’s administration used that fake dossier to justify wire tap orders to spy on the Trump Campaign. You are a liar and a crook.

    1. How specifically did they sell out America? Charles, after reading the Mueller Report, WHAT were you thinking was not proven?

      1. Collusion and obstruction were not proven. Try to keep up. Mueller also verified that during his testimony. Try to keep up. Your lies will no be believed. How did Obama sell out America? Fast and Furious, Benghazi, trying to eliminate millions of jobs by forcing companies to look outside America to make a profit and trying to eliminate the coal industry (did you forget those anti-coal speeches), wasting $ Billions on failed green energy companies, dividing America along racial and sexual lines throughout his admin., promoting hatred of the police by blaming criminals being killed as ‘institutional racism’ (one speech resulted in 5 officers being killed in Dallas, after which he claimed ‘I din do nuttin’), badmouthing America at every opportunity overseas, prematurely pulling out every US troop in Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS which resulted in the deaths of Americans (also funding them), lying about getting Syria to destroy their chemical weapons with the help of the Russians ( Assad used them later), paying Iran a total of $2.2 Billion for an anti-nuclear treaty that wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, etc. Don’t forget how Obama and the Hillarrhoid tried to turn the 2016 election into a banana republic election. Obama and the Hillarrhoid were part of the Democrat plague that was and is still trying to bring America down. Now we have a President that is bringing America back with jobs, much better economy, protecting us from those that would file in from other countries illegally to leech off of us. The Democrats are still conducting their ‘INQUISITION’. At long last, they have no decency, just corruption and hatred.

    1. What conspiracy were you thinking turned out to be true? In America we do not jail out political opponents.

  10. And she is one to talk?? Let she who is without sin cast the first stone. That is definitely not Hillary as she quit before she could be fired from the Watergate Committee and she has only gotten worse ever since.

  11. O Brother—-that’s calling the Kettle black. Frikin hypocrite!

  12. The 68,000 State Department employess won’t be confused about who not to vote for when the next election comes around.

    1. Unfortunately they’ll still have their cushy Civil Service jobs when Trump is reelected. Would be nice if they resigned and made space for some American supporters of the POTUS.

  13. Does anybody with a fully functioning brain really listen to her babble anyway?

  14. Talk about having the balls of an eagle! This disgusting crook has nerve! All she and her family did was to accumulate millions of OUR money and spend it their selves, remember your wedding Chelsea? Just go back into your hole and disappear!

  15. “Cheap Extortion Racket”……NO ONE would know MORE about THAT than the CLINTONS !!!!

  16. These remarks from the former First Lady of America, sadly, do not warrant a response.

  17. This is coming from the woman with 33,000 emails missing and five bodies that can be accounted to her unsecured server in her bathroom! And what about the $25,000 that she got from Saudi Arabia for her charity and Bill Clinton got $1 million from Qatar which is the home of Isys and nobody questions that?! I don’t remember was that 25,000 or $25 million

  18. A “corrupt human tornado”. Very often narcissists will use projection and deflection to try to convince others and take the focus off of themselves. They are often guilty of what they are accusing the other person of. Hillary is a master at it, maybe that’s what her and Chelsea’s book is about.

  19. Hillary Clinton accusing Trump of extortion? What on earth does she call her “Pay for Play” scheme while Secretary of State? No access to her unless they paid big bucks to the Clinton Foundation. The whole Clinton mess needs investigation, and especially the Clinton Foundation, the Haiti relief funds diversion and what people got in return for massive Clinton Foundation donations.

  20. Why is this despicable person even still talking??!! She was and is one of the most corrupt people in the world!!! Clinton needs to burn in hell !!!

    1. She can’t go to hell…… The devil has a restraining order LOL


  22. Hillary let me remind you of Benghazi, no we haven’t forgotten. Let me remind you of Uranium 1. How would you know you lost over thirty five thousand emails?

  23. Oh no, not her again! What a miserable life she must have. Her husband humiliated her publicly, her foundation is defunct after the money went…. who knows and she isn’t president. That’s three strikes. Can we finally skip her boo hooing?

  24. Of all people to say anything about corruption. She is the queen and her the king of corruption. Why would anyone believe this woman.

  25. This coming from the Queen of corruption and extortion rackets?? You’ve got to be kidding. She must think people really are stupid. Well, at least the ones that voted for her.

  26. The nerve of this woman is beyond measure…well not really. How many BILLIONS have foreign powers put into their/her BS Foundation?

  27. Clinton is a criminal traitor to this country. She and her hubby’s dirty dealings have their roots in their early life. Bill is a criminal but she is the mastermind, make no mistake.

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