Clinton Claims Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry Was ‘Absolutely Unavoidable,’ Hopes He’s a One-Term ‘or Less’ POTUS

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined the ladies of “The View” to explain why she believes the inquiry into the impeachment of President Donald Trump was “absolutely unavoidable.”

Clinton has been on the road with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, promoting the new book the duo wrote together. While the book has been in the works for a while, the tour happened to coincide with House Democrats launching an impeachment inquiry into President Trump over calls he had with Ukrainian leadership to allegedly dig up dirt of 2020 competitor Joe Biden.

While the debate on impeachment has been raging between Democrats and Republicans, Clinton claimed the details from the Ukrainian phone call made impeachment “unavoidable.”

Watch Clinton’s remarks below:

“I think it became absolutely unavoidable when the summary of the phone call came out, plus the whistleblower complaint. The reason for that is, you know, people can argue back and forth about what he might have done or what we think he did on a range of other issues, but this was in the pursuit of his official duties as president of the United States. And that phone call very clearly indicates a effort to not only pressure but, in effect, extort the president of Ukraine over much necessary medical — military assistance that had been passed by the Congress and was about to be delivered.”

Clinton went on to discuss the upcoming 2020 election, noting that she’s paying close attention to the race because she does not want to see Trump be reelected. She also managed to crack a joke about Trump’s impeachment battle.

Watch the clip below:

“Look, I am obviously watching it because I care deeply that Trump is a one-term president or less. But — you know, it’s still — it’s hard to believe, but it’s still early. A lot of the people who were ahead at this point in prior nominating seasons did not end up winning the nomination. So it’s hard to tell right now. I just wish everybody well. I’ve talked to most of them and a lot of them call me from time to time and ask for advice. I just try to give them the very best advice I can.”

This is not the first time Clinton has hit Trump from her book tour. She also called him a “corrupt human tornado,” as IJR previously reported.


  1. Still angry she lost ohh that is right Trump stole the election from her how stupid of me she thought she fixed it to win

  2. Clinton is talking through her ass cause her mouth knows better.

  3. “I have to do what these Democrats are going to do when Trump is reelected?” Gerald

    What if YOU are wrong?

  4. I think Hillary should discuss the missing emails and damage to servers, etc. The corrupt members of intelligence agencies helped Hillary avoid charges for her many corrupt actions. The woman is evil. We need to make sure voting rolls are legitimate, no voting by non-citizens or dead people. We need voting ID.

    1. Lois, remember, NYC is letting illegals get their IDs and driver’s licenses!!

  5. Since she is married to an impeached president, this is the one time she speaks from experience. Guess the “deplorables” that cost her the election, will have to cost her fellow Democrats their position as they are not doing the job of helping this country not hindering it.

  6. “A corrupt human tornado” she called Trump ? More accurately, Clinton is “A corrupt, arrogant thief.”

  7. Why is this creep given a forum at all? She’s toast; Melba toast, hard and brittle.

  8. This hag needs to just accept that people despise her. Have some grace and class Hillary. Give it up….you lost, lost, lost

  9. I have to do what these Democrats are going to do when Trump is reelected?

    1. “I have to do what these Democrats are going to do when Trump is reelected?” Gerald

      What if YOU are wrong?

  10. Anyone here have any idea what “Forbidden Private List Deny” means on a post with no obscenities or anything offensive in it??

  11. Thank God this woman did not get elected! She is the personification of evil!

  12. Well he is way ahead of Clinton he IS actually The President u lime your twice faild attempt

    1. Cherrie, I hate to wake you up, but Hilary beat this fake president by over one million votes. Of course, she hasn’t been heard enough to lie every time she opens her mouth like you-know-who. Also learn to spell or get the heck off this posting. Have a great day!

  13. Trump is OUR duly elected President and will add another 4 years in 2020 !! ❤️❤️

  14. The VIEW, WHEW….Got to be some real revelation THERE!….Get on board the Mutual Admiration Societies Bandwagon, huh?

  15. Hillary Clinton is the biggest POS that ever walked in a pantsuit! She was an insider with Obama in the biggest conspiracy to commit treason in the history of the country and this impeachment inquiry is a means to discredit the Barr-Durham Investigation and obstruct Justice. In the end hopefully the entire cabal will be frogmarched to a federal pen!

  16. I’m beginning to think that the corrupt former secretary of state either cannot or did not read the transcript, I saw none of what she did in the transcript. I have seen the same in what Joe Biden did. He even confessed.

  17. Of course she wishes Trump to be a one term president, not only because she was the loser, but because Trump WILL NOT cater to liberals. He’s not on their agenda wagon. Evil never stops. It will proceed until it’s cast into hell. And what sane person would have any interest in her and Chelsea’s book?

    1. Yep! Who gives a rat’s ass about Hillary & Chelsea? Certainly not any conservative or even Independent voter! She’s the biggest POS there is next to O’Buckwheat!

    2. How about reading the book for comic relief. I’m sure it would provide a barrel of laughs and we sure need that.

    3. Judy, WAKE UP!! The lying crook lost by almost a million votes, and look what shape the country is in now! Shoot migrants in the legs? Electrocute those using the walls? Shoot-to-kill whistleblowers? ARE YOU PROUD?

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