Special Ops Team Stationed in Benghazi Makes Game-Changing Claim About ‘Stand-Down’ Order

As we near the 2-year anniversary of the Benghazi attacks, a special ops security team that was on site is contesting senior intelligence reports that “nobody was told to stand down.”

Kris Paronto, Mark Geist, and John Tiegen sat down with Brett Baier of Fox News to discuss what happened on the ground that night. When Baier asked the team, “was help delayed?” Paronto replied, “5 minutes we’re ready. 5 minutes we’re ready to go.”

Then, Paronto explained that the CIA base chief who goes by the pseudonym “Bob” told them to “wait.” The team reported that they continued to press the issue of wanting to go and help provide support and security. However, their petition was in vain.

When the team was questioned again about the claim of being told to “stand down,” and Baier cited how the House Intelligence Committee disagreed, Paronto told Fox News:

“All I can talk about is what happened on the ground that night. To us. To myself twice, and to Tig (Tiegen) we were told to stand down twice, and to wait. We were delayed three times.”

If this new information from the security team is credible, it brings into question the following:

  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff Martin Dempsey’s claim that “No, special forces were not told to stand down.”
  • How House Democrats reported that no “stand down” order was given.
  • The support of a claim from 2012 that the CIA told special operators in Benghazi to “stand down.”


In addition, the team strongly believes that if they would have been able to immediately respond to the attacks, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Diplomat Sean Smith would still be alive today.

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