CNN Slams Tlaib’s Attempt to ‘Rewrite’ History of Holocaust: Palestinian Leaders ‘Sided with Hitler’


CNN called out Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for trying to “rewrite” history following her controversial comments about the Holocaust during a Saturday podcast on Yahoo! News.

CNN host John King on Monday brought up the controversial comments during a panel discussion, first taking aim at Republicans’ “twist[ing]” of Tlaib’s words before slamming the congresswoman herself as failing to pass “a critical fact and context test.”

King then went on to say that Tlaib was correct in her point that “Palestinians lost land” when the nation of Israel was created, but “ignored the fact” that Palestinian officials back then had been in alliance with Adolf Hitler.

“Yes, as [Tlaib] said, Palestinians lost land in the creation of Israel, but she ignored the fact that Palestinian leaders at the time allied themselves with Hitler,” said King. “And the total war is how the Arab world reacted to the declaration of Israeli independence.”

Watch the clip here:

King then turned his attention to CNN’s Global Affairs Analyst Aaron David Miller, saying that the Michigan Democrat “can’t rewrite history” or “project revisionist history” and asked Miller why Tlaib would say what she did.

Miller responded by blasting Tlaib as having “her history wrong” on multiple parts, stating that the country of Israel “would have come into being” even if there had not been a Holocaust and backed up King’s point that Palestinian officials at the time worked with Hitler.

“She also has her history wrong, I mean, on two points. Number one, it’s an arguable proposition even had there been no Holocaust. Most of the institutions of the current state of Israel were in place before Hitler started killing Jews. So the Holocaust added urgency and international support, but I suspect with or without it the state of Israel would have come into being.”

“On this notion that Palestinians either negatively or positively helped to create a safe haven for Jews,” Miller added. “The reality is that the Arabs in Palestine, Haj Amin el-Husseini, the grand mufti, in Nazi Germany, collaborating and cooperating with the Nazis about what would happen if Rommel’s Korps had been successful in Egypt and been present in Palestine.”

“They were considering extermination of the entire Jewish community there as well,” added Miller.

Tlaib’s comments from over the weekend drew the ire of many conservatives, including President Donald Trump.

As IJR Red previously reported, Trump blasted Tlaib in a tweet Monday morning, slamming the freshman congresswoman for her “horrible and highly offensive statement on the Holocaust.”

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If CNN is calling Tlaib into question she really is in deep. Dumbocrats willing to support her are truly blind.
Tlaib and Omar should be one-term wonders, but that is up to their misguided constituents. They must not take their oaths seriously and should don burquas to protest The Great Satan and while they’re at it, make plans to move to some radically Islamic state…no, not Minnesota. They already gave us Omar after all.

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