CNN Commentator Slams Clinton’s ‘Sermon on Obstruction of Justice’: She Should Be Writing Op-Ed From Prison


CNN contributor Steve Cortes responded to Hillary Clinton’s op-ed on the Mueller report on Wednesday, slamming the former presidential candidate for being critical of President Donald Trump.

During a discussion with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Cortes went after Clinton’s op-ed published by The Washington Post, claiming that it was ironic that she was talking about corruption and impeachment.

“I think it would absolutely be a gift … because the facts of the case is laid out in the Mueller report simply don’t justify it at all,” said Cortes. “It is important, by the way, that we can’t bypass the deliverer of this sermon on obstruction of justice. Of all people, Hillary Clinton.”

As IJR previously reported, Clinton has faced extensive controversy over the mishandling of classified emails. Cortes slammed Clinton, saying that it showed how hypocritical it was for her to speak out on the issue.

“That is really the height of hypocrisy, and shows once again, that she is really the paragon of arrogance,” said Cortes. “That she would dare to lecture us about tampering with an investigation.”

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He then made a joke about Clinton and her aides destroying evidence of classified emails by smashing phones with a hammer.

“I’m afraid that one of them when they were swinging for the devices, hit her in the head, because it is the only way you could possibly explain that she could think we are willing to accept this kind of a lecture from her when she should, in fact, be writing this op-ed like she’s writing it from prison.”

When asked about whether impeachment would help Republicans, Cortes said that it would be beneficial for the Republican party.

“I think it would be for Republicans in general. I think the president is going to easily win reelection regardless,” he said. “If they move toward impeachment, I think then the House control very much shifts in favor of the Republicans taking back the House of Representatives. The people don’t want this to be the issue of 2020.”

While Clinton’s op-ed encouraged Democrats to slow down on impeachment proceedings, she did encourage them to subpoena Robert Mueller and others mentioned in the report to continue the investigation.

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Paragon of arrogance? How about the definition of someone who lacks ANY self-awareness?

If Her Pantsuitedness were as smart as she thinks she is she would keep her head down, now that Comey’s *ahem* investigation of her is being scrutinized.

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