CNN Gun Panel Erupts When Man Tells Woman She Doesn’t Need AR-15 for Home Defense

CNN recently hosted a panel of Donald Trump voters made up of people who are both pro-gun and pro-gun control, and the debate quickly turned contentious.

One of the more tense moments came after Scott Pappalardo, a gun owner who destroyed his AR-15 rifle after the Parkland school shooting, told a female gun owner she didn’t need an AR-15 for home protection.

“The AR-15 should not be used as a home protection weapon,” Pappalardo said.

That led Carrie Lightfoot, a pro-gun Trump voter, to ask, “Why?”

“Because,” Pappalardo began.

“Do you know what a fabulous gun that is for women?” Lightfoot pressed.


“It is a fabulous gun — so is a shotgun,” Pappalardo shot back.

Lightfoot argued a shotgun is much harder to “handle” than an AR-15 rifle, which she said is merely a regular semi-automatic rifle that looks “badass.”

In response, Pappalardo claimed most criminals who hear a pump-action shotgun will just “leave.”

Another member of the panel, an anti-gun Hillary Clinton voter, argued no Americans need a gun for home defense because the likelihood of being the victim of a gun crime is so low.

“You don’t need guns for home protection,” she said bluntly.

Watch the segment via CNN above.

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