CNN Host: Heather Nauert Isn’t ‘Qualified’ to Serve as UN Ambassador Despite State Department Role

CNN anchor Brian Stelter seemed dumbfounded on Sunday when he discussed President Donald Trump’s pick to replace Nikki Haley as United States ambassador to the United Nations.

On Friday, Trump announced that he would put former “Fox & Friends” host and State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert in the position.

When he announced her appointment, he also called her “very talented, very smart, very quick.” “I think she’s going to be respected by all,” he said, according to The New York Times.

Many, like Stelter, recoiled at the decision, suggesting that Nauert didn’t have enough experience to serve in such a high-profile, diplomatic role.

“What do we do?” Stelter asked after reporting on Nauert’s nomination. “She’s not qualified for this job,” he said. “She’s qualified for a lot of other jobs. She’s not qualified to be U.N. ambassador.”

Watch Stelter’s comments below:

When Stelter turned to conservative writer David Frum, Frum indicated that the Nauert appointment was part of the administration’s “affirmative goal to damage America’s relationships with allies.”

Stelter and Max Boot, a vocal anti-Trump columnist for the Washington Post, both remarked how Nauert’s appointment represented the “Fox-Trump nexus.”

“It’s hard to tell where the Fox network ends and the Trump administration begins,” Boot said. Stelter described the relationship as a “merger” and showed a graphic with various employees who joined the administration after working with Fox and vice versa.

Boot went on to argue that Trump was doing himself a disservice by hiring so many Fox News employees.

“It’s not even good for Trump […] because Fox helps him to live in this alternative reality bubble — where they put up these alternative facts — and he actually believes them.” Boot said.

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