CNN Host Reflects on Trump’s Bullying on One-Year Anniversary of Melania’s ‘Be Best’ Campaign

First lady Melania Trump is commemorating the one-year anniversary of the launch of her “Be Best” campaign, but with all of President Donald Trump‘s cyberbullying and attacks on others, it’s clear he still hasn’t gotten the message.

On Tuesday, the White House held an anniversary celebration for Melania Trump’s initiative, which has three pillars focusing on well-being, combating the opioid crisis, and social media — with an emphasis of discouraging cyberbullying on those platforms.

CNN host Jim Sciutto reflected on the president’s cyberbullying over the past year, saying the campaign has “put the spotlight on the very different, contradictory message that her husband is sending, particularly online.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

“The attacks are frequent, and they’re widespread, from special counsel Robert Mueller to the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico,” the host stressed. “Even the late Sen. John McCain, who he attacked just this past March.”

“Is that ‘Be Best’?” the host rhetorically asked.

Sciutto then called out some of Trump’s insults.

“He calls Joe Biden ‘sleepy,’ Bernie Sanders ‘crazy,’ Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘goofy,'” he said. “Beto O’Rourke, he calls him a ‘flake,’ Kirsten Gillibrand ‘a lightweight.’

“When it comes to the first lady’s ‘Be Best’ initiative, it does not seem that the president gets the message,” Sciutto then added.

CNN host Victor Blackwell also spoke out on the president’s hypocrisy, contrasting the first lady’s proclamation that adults should remind children to “choose their words wisely” online to Trump’s sheer willingness to give a seemingly infinite amount of insults and nicknames on Twitter.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

“Over the same year since the launch of ‘Be Best,’ her husband has called his critics and political opponents: weirdo, weak, wacky, stupid, sick, insane, crooked, dirty, psycho, crazed, crazy, shifty, incompetent, loser, low IQ individual, deranged, nut job, bad, fraudster, third-rate, cryin’ and lyin’, conman, broken down hack, disgusting, Pochahontas (as an epithet), bozo, lunatics, and stumbling lunatics, sleepy and sleepy eyes, dumb and dumb as a rock, lazy, and sleazy, and sleazebag, shady, rat, pathetic, terrible, thugs, nuts, flake, and flaky, phony, low-life, lackey, little, nervous mess, sloppy, no talent, punchdrunk, and there was that time that he just called Omarosa a dog.”

One can only hope Trump can try to apply a little more of a filter over the next year, as it’s clear he is not implementing the elements of the first lady’s “Be Best” initiative into his own life.


  1. ZERO of 62,984,828 voters casting ballots for DJ Trump in 2016 can claim they were UNAWARE, as Mitch Mulvaney clearly put it, “Donald Trump is a horrible person.” Yes, it’s a contradiction to vote for a “horrible person” to represent America but want America’s children to BE BEST. BUT, FLOTUS is attempting to do her part to tell our children that to be their best is NOT follow her husband’s example. Be Best is EXACTLY what we need at this time & Melania is the BEST person to lead it.

    1. “it’s a contradiction to vote for a “horrible person” to represent America” Phyllis

      I am still confused about whether Melania voted for the horrible person representing us today. Her daughter-in-law said she did, but that is no proof.

      Maybe her conscience got the “best” of her.

      1. Voting for a horrible person is a contradiction ONLY if the voter is SANE. Do you really get the impression they are all in full control of their cognitive faculties? Let’s review: Mexico will pay for the wall. A wall will protect legal ports of entry. Trump tariffs will be paid by Chinese gvt. Lies are okay if the lie told is what you want to hear. It’s McCain fault Trump had no replacement plan. Asylum seekers are illegal. NOT SANE by any measure & history will reflect they weren’t.

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