‘Sad!’: CNN’s Ratings Plummet Amid Stormy Daniels and Russia Hysteria While Competitors Hold Steady

CNN has been intensely covering the scandals of President Donald Trump and his administration as of late, but it appears all the attention on Stormy Daniels and the Russia investigation hasn’t been paying off for the network.

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In the first two weeks of May alone, CNN’s ratings have seen more than a 20 percent drop compared to its May numbers last year. In fact, the network averaged 1.12 million prime-time viewers in May 2017, but this year, that figure dropped a whopping 23 percent to just 859,000.

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CNN garnered 399,000 demo viewers in May of last year but managed to engage only 286,000 so far this month — a 29 percent nosedive. In May 2017, it attracted an average of 821,000 total day viewers, but the first week of May 2018 marked a 21 percent fall to 649,000.

What’s more is that the network’s competitors haven’t experienced the same pummeling from viewers. Year-over-year in prime time, Fox News saw a 5 percent increase in viewers, while MSNBC enjoyed a 4 percent increase.

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CNN’s downtick in numbers comes as the network has been focusing a large amount of its coverage on matters such as the Daniels scandal and the probe into alleged election collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

From early March to late April, CNN interviewed Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, a total of 59 times, according to The Daily Wire, and he’s continued making regular appearances this month. In between that coverage, CNN devoted much of its airtime to the Russia probe.

The network has also been the subject of ridicule by President Trump, who frequently lashes out at it on Twitter by referring to it as “Fake News CNN” and mocking its viewership:

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