CNN Reporter: Sean Spicer Avoids Taking Questions From Us

CNN reporter Jim Acosta mocked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Monday, suggesting he lacked courage for not taking questions from CNN reporters during White House press briefings.

This tweet continued a long-standing feud between the White House and CNN. President Donald Trump has routinely denounced CNN as “fake news” and specifically said that to Acosta during a press briefing early in 2017.

Acosta’s pinned tweet currently tells Trump that CNN is “real news:”

Acosta also complained that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta took more questions than Spicer did on Monday.

At a recent press conference on Friday, the White House apparently sat The New York Times and CNN in the back row. Acosta complained about the seating on Twitter and speculated that it was retaliation for the way the network covered the president.

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